The rain pouring down, with no other sound. Two people, so obviously in love dance to a music none but they can hear. A music of Rain. They spin, and stop, and dance away. The rain tugs her long, dark hair down her back and whips out again when she turns. They dance, splashing through puddles and making not a sound, only the rain can be heard. The wind joins, and the dance is now with two pairs, the wind and the rain and the two dancers. They embrace, and part, and embrace again. So in tune to their partner's movements, they swirl around, with the only sound as the rain. The dance reached a new intensity, and the wind rushes and the rain pours. And then, as the two dancers finally throw themselves into a final embrace, the wind ceases, and departs. The dancers clasp hands, and run silently away from the clearing, and the only one left is the rain. The Rain, pouring down, so obviously in love with the world.