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The beautiful voice of an angel ringing out in the darkness, a voice so pure anyone would follow, hoping to reach eternal happiness, and that was just what the young boy was doing. A feeling of pure innocence radiated from his blissful smile as he chased after the source of the voice. What the boy found, though, was a figure looking more like an angel of death than the sweet angel that he had imagined. The demon, wrapped in a cloak of midnight black, motioned for the boy to come forward. The little boy started to shake his head no, but then the voice summoned him again, forcing him to walk forward as fearful tears fell down his face. The demon slowly raised her scythe above the young boy, preparing to steal his innocent soul.

But, much to the dismay of the demon, instead of hitting the young boy, the scythe was blocked by a long, white pole. There in a white cloak stood another figure. Her face, like that of the demon's, was concealed, but her long brown hair fell out of the small opening near her face, and her whole being was enveloped in a pure, white light. She turned her head in the direction of the black figure and jumped into the air.

The demon looked around wildly unable to find her opponent. Suddenly, the white being appeared, bringing her pole down with a god-like speed upon the demon. "You will not have this soul tonight, demon!" screamed the white being.

The demon collapsed into a heap onto the ground as she hissed, " You will pay for this Beacon."

Then, the demon turned into a black mist and dissolved into thin air. The white cloaked girl turned to see if the boy was still there, but he was gone. Obviously, he had already awakened, for this was the world of Dreams, and the girl was a Beacon, the protector of the dreamers. The girl sighed deeply as she felt herself beginning to wake up. Another night as a Beacon had ended, but tomorrow was another night.

"BEEP!BEEP!BEEP!" shrilled an alarm that was sitting on a small wooden dresser. From under the disheveled comforter, a hand suddenly shot out, slapping the snooze button on the alarm. After an immense amount of effort, the body of an average-sized sixteen year old emerged from under the tangled mess. Her hands reached up and gently wiped the dreariness from her amber-colored eyes. Next, she slowly patted her tangled long, brown, hair, and then sighed a deep sigh and slowly stood up.

"Another crazy night," thought Selene angrily.

It was hard to imagine just by looking at her that she was anything but ordinary. She went to school like a normal person, ate like a normal person, and even had a normal family, but she was very special. Every since she was little, she had been a member of a secret group of people known as Beacons. Normal people when they fall asleep enter the Dream World, walking around imaging people, things, and even their surroundings.

Selene, though, was different. She saw the Dream World as it truly was, a constantly changing world where terrible creatures known as Dream Demons existed. These demons were forever trapped in the Dream World, and it was the goal of their immortal lives to capture as many souls of the dreamers as they could. That was where the Beacons came in. They were the beacon of light that existed in the Dream World. While asleep, it was their job to protect the dreamers.

"Selene! Hurry Up!" screamed her mother from the downstairs of her house. "You're going to be late if you don't hurry!"

"Coming!" replied Selene as she broke free from her thoughts and began to get dressed. She tossed on a simple pink t-shirt and a dark blue pair of jeans and raced down the stairs.

Without stopping, Selene grabbed a slightly burnt piece of toast off of a plate that sat on her kitchen table and then tossed her back pack over her shoulder. "That girl," laughed Selene's mother gently as Selene flew out the door and continued running the short distance to school.

Selene loved school simply for the fact that while she was there, she was just like any other sixteen-year-old. It was a place of normality, and she could never have to much of that. The only bad thing about school was the two mean red-headed girls running after her.

A frown formed on Selene's face as a long haired, red headed girl and her short, red-headed sister caught up to her, "Selene, what are you doing tonight?" said the long haired girl cheerfully.

Selene glanced warily at her and asked, "Nothing, why?"

"Well, you know tonight is Friday, right?" asked the girl, and then continued on without waiting for a reply. "Well, I am having a sleep over tonight, and you should totally come!"

"Now Bridget," said the short red headed sister in a matter of fact voice, " we both know that Selene always goes to bed at promptly 8oclock."

"Oh, yeah," said the other girl as both of them erupted into a fit of giggles and ran away.

Selene stared after them and clenched her hands angrily. They had no idea. It isn't as if she had a choice what time to fall asleep. No matter where she was, at exactly 8 oclock, she entered the Dream World and didn't wake up again until her alarm went off at 6a.m. It was a tiring life. A small tear tickled down her face as she opened the door to her house and went back inside to await the coming night.

"Goodnight, Selene," said Selene's mother sweetly as she lovingly kissed her forehead, "sweet dreams."

Selene smiled gently and watched as her mother slowly closed the bedroom door behind her.

"Me, dream," laughed Selene as she slid down deeper in the covers and hesitantly shut her eyes. Instantly, she began to experience the oh-so-familiar fall into the Dream World. Darkness enveloped her and she dropped at a frightening speed. Then, just as a gray, stone floor became visible beneath her, she stopped falling and gracefully landed upon it. Darkness was all around, save for the cold, stone floor and an ancient wooden door with thick black hinges and a black doorknob. She slowly reached out and turned the knob bracing herself for the people waiting for her arrival. There stood two figures of an identical height, completely cloaked in the traditional white Beacon attire.

"Welcome, Miss Selene," they said in a cheerful unison. "We have been awaiting your arrival."

One of the girls held out her hand and instantly, a white cloak appeared. "Your cloak, Miss Selene."

"Thank you," replied Selene as she quickly pulled it over her head and tugged the hood until her face resided in the shadows like the other two girls.

"Master Gabriel has ordered you and all the other Beacons to wait here until he arrives. Apparently, there are urgent matters to discuss."

"Of course," replied Selene. As she glanced around the enormous room, she noticed Beacons pacing impatiently about. This room was the entrance hall to Beacon's castle. Complete with the traditional stone floors covered in exquisite, red rugs, long hallways, thousands of rooms, and elegant furniture, this castle was an exact replica of the castles that could be seen in the real world.

Selene was tossed out of her admiration of the castle by the sound of the gigantic entrance doors being thrown open. An ancient-looking man holding a cane came wobbling in. A warm smile spread across his face as he slowly made his way into the room. "Thank you for waiting, my dear Beacons," said Master Gabriel as he glanced at each of the Beacons. His wise eyes fell on Selene, and he winked at her before continuing.

Selene chuckled to herself quietly. She adored Master Gabriel. He was the one thing that made the job of being a Beacon worthwhile. He was everything the leader of the Beacons should be, kind, wise, powerful, and not to mention the oldest Beacon in existence.

" We all must be on our guard tonight," said Master Gabriel, once again interrupting Selen's thoughts. "As you are all aware, after a brief period of peace, the Dream Demons have begun their assault on the dreamers again. Our encounters with demons last night was twice what it had been before. We, as Becons, can not let them capture anyone's soul. This is our job."

"But why, Master Gabriel, why have they returned?" questioned an angry male Beacon.

"I do not know the reason. All I know is that they appear to be up to something. I just don't know what."

Selene clenched her fists angrily. She hated the demons as much as everyone else. Each demon has a special power. Some have beauty, some have a voice like an angel, and others have strength. All of these powers are used to steal dreamers' souls. Humans who encounter these demons wake up with terrifying dreams, if they are lucky, if not, they die.

"Well, enough dilly dallying," continued Master Gabriel, "the dreamers will definitely need us tonight, and please be careful Beacons. Remember that you are not immortal. Unlike the Dream Demons, you can be killed in the Dream World. And also, remember a dreamer must never see your face, or the dreamer will never wake up."

Selene shuddered to herself. No matter how many times she heard this, it fightened her every time. Although no one knew why this was so, they followed the rule without question. In that instant, she pulled up her hood and wasn't surprised when she saw that everyone else had done the same.

"Now off with you all, said Master Gabriel.

The mass of Beacons flooded out the door through which Gabriel had entered. They all quickly launched themselves into the air and headed off to their designated directions.

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