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Selene floated effortlessly over her section of the Dream World which tonight had taken on the form of a beautiful, lush, green forest. A few dreamers lost in their own imaginations were splashing happily in the stream, but other than that, nothing seemed to be becoming dangerous.

"Maybe Master Gabriel was wrong after all. Last night must have just been a coincidence," thought Selene hopefully.

Suddenly, as if to answer her thoughts, she saw a flash of black out of the corner of her eye. She turned in its direction, and there she saw what she wanted to see the least. A black cloaked Dream Demon running with immense speed in the direction of his new found prey. The Dream Demon stopped just inches in front of a tall, handsome boy, and then slowly removed her hood to reveal the face of an angel. The boy stood up in shock, instantly captivated by the beauty before him. Gentle brown eyes, blonde hair that cascaded down her graceful figure, not even the strongest of souls could turn away from such an image. The Dream Demon smiled the most angelic smile possible and motioned for the boy to come forward with one hand, while a whip materialized in the other. The boy walked forward without question, completely disregarding the whip that would soon capture his soul.

Selene could watch this scene no longer. She swooped down and raised her pole, preparing a powerful blow. Without warning, the whip went flying in her direction, wrapping around her ankle and slamming her into the ground.

The angelic figure walked towards Selene with a menacing expression on her face. "You miserable Beacon! You injured my twin sister. That is something I do not take lightly. So prepare to die!" shrieked the Dream Demon as her whip transformed in to the soul stealing scythe. Selene looked around hurriedly searching for something to defend herself with, but her search was in vain. She looked up just in time to see the scythe come down with amazing speed. Instinct kicked in at the last second and she rolled, barely missing the sharp point of the weapon. Selene bolted for her pole before the next potentially fatal swing of the scythe came her way. She grabbed it, and instantly, she was beside the Dream Demon. Selene swung her pole with as much force as she could muster, but the Demon effortlessly dodged the hit.

"Oh how fun!" laughed the Dream Demon. "This turn of events is even better than I could have imagined! I, Uriel have won this battle little Beacon! Be prepared, for this is just the beginning of the end. Soon a new order will be created. One in which Dream Demons are the supreme rulers, and you despicable Beacons are nothing more than myth! All hail King Apollyon!!! With that Uriel disappeared into a plume of black smoke, leaving Selene to stand their alone in confusion.

Suddenly, from behind Selene came a fearful voice, "What are you?"

Selene turned around and stared with a look of horror at the boy as she realized that her hood had been ripped off in the battle. The boy opened his mouth to ask again, when suddenly, he fell to the ground squirming in pain. Selene started to run towards him, but stopped short when he began to transform. His once blonde hair turned midnight black, his ears became pointed, and his blue eyes darkened until they were a piercing shade of crimson. Then, the boy turned motionless, leaving behind no longer a boy, but a Dream Demon. Selene cried out in grief as she stared at the creature she had created, a creature that could never again leave the Dream World.


The young boy lay motionless on the ground. Selene slowly regained her ability to move and walked around fearfully to see his face. She gasped deeply as she gazed upon his now extremely pallid face with eyes still held open wide in horror. Selene gingerly reached her hand out to touch the boy to see if he was ok, but she had only touched the boy's face when his eyes instantly became focused. Selene felt herself shudder as his piercing eyes met hers.

Selene forced a smile onto her face and held her voice steady so she did not reveal the panic she felt inside, "Are you still in pain?" asked Selene gently.

The boy looked up at Selene and tried pitifully to smile, "Just a little."

Selene smiled slightly as she saw right through his lie and whispered, "I'll take you somewhere you can rest for a little bit, ok?"

The boy managed a weak nod and tried his best to stand, but the effort was futile. The transformation had depleted his energy. He simply fell to the ground in a pitiful heap. Selene could barely hold back the tears as she went to pick him up. "This is a fate far worse than death, " thought Selene as she flew with her new burden back to the castle.


Master Gabriel was a very elderly man, who did not forget much. He had been chosen to become a Beacon at a very young age, and had seen and encountered more during his long existence than any other Beacon, but even to him, Transformations were a thing of legend. He stared sympathetically at the young Beacon in front of him as she hung her head in shame.

"There is no sense dwelling on the past Selene. We must focus on what actions we must take in the present. There may yet be hope for the young demon," said Gabriel as he walked over to the bookshelf and pulled out an ancient book full of yellowed pages. "This book was given to the first Beacons to use in times of great tribulation. Perhaps, upon reading it you may find an answer to your dilemma."

"Thank you Master," replied Selene as she carefully took the book from his hands and left the room.

Selene vowed to herself in that instant that she would save the boy, no matter what it took.