to capture in being the perfect couple

"You're fucking dumping me?!" I yelled to my girlfriend; excuse me, my ex-girlfriend now!

"I know…." she pleaded for me to calm down as we drew attention from our class. "I know it's hard to understand but I- I met someone else!" she answered quickly looking away.

My anger level rose twice as high. "WHAT THE FUCK?!!?!! YOU!! YOU'RE DUMPING ME FOR SOMEONE ELSE?!!?!"

"I'm sorry!!" she kept repeating, almost to the state of tears but to my eyes she wasn't sorry enough. I had to extract pain from her.

"Who the fuck do you think you're dumping?!" I said coldly, a little less loudly then my screaming rage. "You're dumping Michael fucking Clark! You were a nobody before I took you in and this is how you repay me?! This is how you treat a fucking prince?!" I scoffed.

"See!! That's you're problem!!" she suddenly yelled, even though a second ago she was afraid of me. "You always think about yourself! You always treat me like a product of yours! I'm not! I had enough Michael…" she shook her head and was about to leave when I grabbed her arm and held tight. She turned and we were just glaring at each not noticing the huge crowd that surrounded us.

Finally she took in a breath and continued in a much calmer voice this time. "But yes, I am thankfully. You're right. I was nothing before I met you... And you showed me how to live and have fun and everything that filled my empty space. But… No matter what I did, I was just a product for you. A challenge just for you, to make an ugly duckling into a golden swan. And what you wanted in return, was my life!"

My angry flared even more. Who did she think she was! To analyze me like this! But I admit, it is true that she just a challenge for me to test on… to see if I could change and mold a girl into my perfect girlfriend... But all the time and effort I put into her! And for what?! For her to me to be someone else's girlfriend?! Fuck that! The money I spend on her hair, clothes and whatever this girl needed!! I will not lose the investment; I will take it all back.

"See…" she sighed, she took back her arm from my grip. "What I'm telling you is true. Just… just let me go Michael. You'll find someone else. I promise you."

I rolled my eyes; of course I'll find someone else. Then my eyes narrowed. "Who's the guy?"

"Michael…" she started to back away.

"Who's the fucking guy?!" I commanded.

Among the students around us, I saw it. A movement made by a guy, a guy I knew he was the one.

Everyone followed my stare; we were all looking at him now, we all knew he was the one.

My hands turned into a tight fist.

"No wait!!" yelled a girl before I did anything. She was a baby pretty, not sexy pretty, type of girl who stood beside him, looked straight at me.

I started walking towards them, not caring whatever the girl had to say.

"He can't be her boyfriend!!" yelled the girl as she put herself in front of him. "He's my boyfriend!!"

I stopped away. I looked at the girl to the guy to my ex. Which one was the lie…?

Then when I took another look at the guy's face, I knew. Fuck, this was just getting worse. The girl was cheated on too. Just like me.

The girl… the girl got it. She wasn't stupid as I thought.

"Steph??" she asked, pleaded for him to tell her it wasn't true.

The guy looked away and stepped back from her. "I'm sorry Jane…" he said in a low voice, being ashamed. So, he wasn't a player… players are never felt guilty.

The girl, Jane, suddenly pushed him with all her strength which wasn't much. He just stumbled back and looked sadly at her then to me.

For an odd reason, the girl came running to me! I didn't care much, there was a bigger question that was on my mind.

"Since when?"

The guy and Aly, my ex-bitch now, didn't answer.

"Answer me." I was getting more frustrated as the silence grew.

Then suddenly the girl next to me, Jane I think, burst. "ANSWER!!!" she yelled in a tone that didn't suit her at all. Weird thing was, Jane wasn't crying or even looked anguished, for it looked like the type of girl she was. She just looked angry, it was like a mask that she took off, or, put on... Shouldn't a girl like her, run out crying her heart out or something? I had my experience with girls, and girls… well all you need is one look to tell what type of girl she was, but this one… she looked a bit tricky.

Then suddenly one person answered, reeling me back to reality.

"One month." answered Aly quietly.

It felt like a bullet to my heart when I heard it. I didn't know how Jane was reacting to this, but I knew my pride had been hurt and in front of everyone too!

One month?! One month!! That long and I never knew!

My anger rose ten time as high this time and I could no longer hold it in. I suddenly took a chair near by and flung it near Aly. Students quickly got out of the way just in time, the chair bounces off the wall hard. I yelled at the people around us to get out, and saw they saw it was getting too serious, they happily complied.

"FUCK YOU!!!!!!!" The first thing that came out of my mouth when I saw Aly still staring at me. "One fucking month?!" I took another chair and this time threw it right down in front of her.

She didn't even flinch. Just stood there, looking so sad at me, as if she was the one that got dumped. I turned away from her, and this time I didn't take a chair, I flung my fist right at the guy's face.

"Stephen!!!" Aly yelled as he went down with a groan. She pushed me slightly to get to him.

I was going to go for another when someone grabbed my sleeve. I turned angrily to see who was holding me back, and saw Jane was the one. Was she mad at me that I hit her ex? But… all she was doing was staring at me, as if she was looking inside of me.

"What?!" I asked her in annoyance. I couldn't read this girl at all! She still wasn't crying over what was happening right now, but it looked like she didn't even care…

I turned back to Aly and her guy, and seeing Aly cry, I loved it. It was hurting her but I wanted to hurt her more.

I was about to when Jane stopped me again.

I was about to tell her to stop stopping me when I saw a smile on her face! A mischievous smile!

"Let's go." she simply said. It was so attracting, almost as if she was luring me in. Her form completely changed! She turned so… sexy, a girl with a lot of confidence in her… Curiosity got me and I had nothing in my mind now, all except her.

I was about to follow her when his voice broke my trance.

"No Jane, no… Don't do this to him, don't do this to yourself!" warned Stephen as he slowly stood up. "Don't fall for him!" His message sounded as if they were encoded with some other message… like only for her to understand.

Jane let go of my sleeve and for one second I thought she was going to go back to him if it wasn't for the smirk I saw, which completely shocked me, on her face as she walked towards him.

"Stephen…" she said as she looked up and down at him. "I tried to save you, but you just had to confess didn't you?"

"You knew…" he stated looking confused and yet for him he looked like she was used to it.

"Of course I knew." Jane laughed. "How can I not?"

"Why didn't…"

She shrugged. "Guess I really liked you." she sounded as if she was playing a game… "But oh well, nothing I could do now… But I did have pleasure acting your dream girl…"

What was she talking about? Dream girl?

Jane scoffed. "But that doesn't mean you're getting off easy." Then without warning she gave a hard slap, and not to Stephen but to Aly. Stephen was about to grab her hand when Jane gave him a cold stare. Stephen took back his hand and moved back a litte. It was obvious who had the power. Aly was in shock and was staring down at the ground when Jane gave her another one.

I really didn't care if Aly was getting hurt, but I felt that was enough. But I didn't have to stop it because Jane suddenly turned away and looked at me. I looked at her back.

It was weird. It felt like we thought of the same thing and knew each of us was thinking it. I held out my hand and she took it. Then we just went out the door.

Jane had a whole different personality then what I thought of her as a beginning. Her image changes just like that. From first glance you would have thought, girl next door, but now you see her as… indescribable.

Before we got completely out the door Jane released my hand and turned and walked back to Stephen and Aly.

Jane was even more unpredictable. For a moment, I thought she was going to take it all back of the things she said. But it was completely different to what I thought it'll be.

She grabbed Stephens head, and before any of us knew it, she started kissing him! Like a full make out! What the hell was she doing?! Stephen looked as if he was trying to get away but at the same time kissing her back.

Jane then released the kiss and smiled at him. But then we heard it, the sound of the knee kick. Stephen went down as Jane walked back to me, grabbing my hand and leading me somewhere I didn't think we were going.

Since school was long over, almost everyone was gone. So when we went to the girl's washroom, we didn't see anybody in there.

Then without realizing it, Jane pulled me onto herself and started kissing me hard. I instantly drew away.

"What are you doing?"

She licked her lips. "You taste much better than Stephen, but you kissed a lot of girls haven't you?"

She was crazy. But to me, it was so… attracting.

Whoever she was, whatever she was thinking, she was bizarre. But one thing she wanted right now was to make out with me which I submitted into doing.

She was a little short for my taste, but somehow she made it up. Maybe this was just a fling for us right now, but whatever it was, we were both enjoying it.

Once when we both needed air, Jane said something.

"What?" I asked not understanding her.

"You're a beast." she let out and then she pulled me in to kiss again.

A beast? A beast?! No fucking way was I a beast. In anger I kissed her harder which I got the sense she liked.

When we broke off again, Jane asked, "Are you controllable?"

"No." I glared at her, like I'll let anyone control me. "Why?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Good." she only answered. "You're my beast now."


A week pasted. This is what happened between the fight and now.

"You're going to be my perfect girlfriend."

"You're going to be my beast."

That's it. We're a couple now.

Jane was a weird girl, a lot of people would say, especially guys. She… she changes for a guy. If the guy wanted a preppy cheerleader type, then she was it. If the guy wanted a funny girl with a lot of creativity, then there she was. Even a super smart person she could become. But one thing the guy had to be, the guy had to have a special thing about him, what no other guy can have… I really didn't know what Jane saw in guys, what she really wanted, but it defiantly wasn't love. Almost like… play toys for her.

Jane liked to act; it was as simple as that for me. It was actually perfect for me. She became whatever I wanted her to be.

Like her shoes. I wanted more high heels than converse or flip flops. I got exactly that.

And her hair. I wanted only one colour, dark chocolate brown, and no streaks. The next day, goodbye dirty blonde Jane.

And her personality? I said to her I wanted her to always need me. A weak, innocent, girl for a change… those types of girls are very hard to come by. Then later that night she was afraid to walk home alone.

I loved it. Jane was perfect for me.

But what did she want from me? And it was again prefect! It was something I've always had.

Not an ugly face like a beast, but a temper of one. An angry, cautious, beast she asked for. I didn't have to change a thing.

When Jane was late for a date, I yelled at her and be pissed off for the rest of the day. And Jane will not fight back, telling me why I shouldn't be mad or I was 'unfair', like most girls tell me, but she will stay still and be obedient. She knew exactly the type of girl I wanted even before telling her fully what she should be like for me. I feel like she was already trained by me! So Jane will say nothing while I fumed, because I really do get angry when I have to wait around for someone, and when I hold her hand even though I'm still mad, I know she's smiling down to the ground because she loves it when I get mad but not take it out of her fully. Sometimes she would purposely be late just for that!

I knew, even if I couldn't see her smiling face, she was proud to have a beast for a boyfriend. I didn't mind that at all, in fact it made me love her even more.

That's right, love.

How can I not love my perfect girlfriend?! And to top it all off, she didn't just look good, she looked great in everything and whatever she did. In school, guys liked the new Jane I made her into, some of the older students too in fact, but like my perfect girl, she wouldn't care less about them because she had me.

"Did you like the movie?" I asked as we walked down the busy street. My hands were in my jacket pockets while Jane's arm was wrapped around mine. We were the perfect size too. Me taller by half a head when she wore heels, a head taller when she didn't.

"No cause it was too scary! Why would you choose that?!" she asked me smiling. "I'm never going to watch a scary movie by myself."

God, she was beautiful. Her make up was always perfected. Her grey eyes not being dull at all, but glistening. Her lips always covered in shiny lip gloss.

"Good. You know my number." I said looking at her. I turned back to where I was going then noticed someone was staring at us. No, staring at my Jane.

"What the fuck are you looking at?" I shot at him.

He looked surprised, and then shocked I said something like that. But he didn't say anything back.

Jane smiled and held my arm tighter. She pulled my hand out of my pocket and started playing around with it. Intertwining our fingers then releasing then putting our tips of our fingers together.

We were at a bench now, in front of an elementary school. Jane still playing with my hand while her head rested on my shoulder.

"Michael…" she started as I looked at what she was doing.


"I hate Stephen and your ex girlfriend."

I nodded. "Want me to do something?"

"Yes please." she answered sweetly.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Oh, I don't know…"

"No, what?"

She thought it over. "Never mind… I can't think of something cruel at all."

I smiled. That's my girl. Innocent.

"Okay, I'll think of something." I patted her head. I switched the hand she was playing with so that my arm was around her.

"Michael…" she started again.

I didn't say anything this time.

"When… When will you kiss me?"

I didn't say anything and just looked at her. She wasn't facing me. Her head was still on my shoulder. She asked the question as if it was any other question.

"Look at me." I commanded her.

She stopped playing with my hand and lifted her head off my shoulder and looked at me. She wasn't smiling or frowning, just looking at me with curiosity. Then I kissed her. With force. She let me in immediately.

It was rough, I knew it, but I also knew she liked it. She was responding back to the way I wanted her to. Before I deepened the kiss I somehow moved her onto my lap.

This was perfect.

From that point on, everywhere we went, everyday, there was kissing involved between the two of us. In class we exchanged kisses; Jane of course was protesting that it wasn't right to do this in public, but I didn't care what she said. Every chance I got I was forcing a kiss on her, which she acted like she didn't want it, but after a second, reacting back to me. One time I didn't like her touching my black hair while we kissed. I broke it off immediately. She never did it again.

Aly and Stephen. We forgot about them after the week at the bench. They didn't even look like a couple. But who knows how they're doing now, even if they're in the same class as us.

Jane. Jane liked to tease me sometimes. After maybe two weeks later of our first kiss, I found Jane talking to another guy when I walked into the classroom. I was instantly angry. She was laughing with the guy and tossing her hair, crossed legged, sitting on the desk beside the guy's. I didn't say anything and when I sat down at my seat, Jane didn't come to me.

Thoughts ran inside my head during class. Was Jane tired of me? Did I ask for too much? Is our relationship over? Thoughts like that were making me angry even more. I knew by the end of class what I was going to do.

After school I stopped the guy from going out of his classroom. In his English class, Jane was in his class but not me. I waited until everyone was gone then started. I gave the guy a beating which Jane sat and watched.

"Don't talk to my Jane again." I warned and pushed the limping guy out the door. But I wasn't done. I had to deal with one more.

I walked slowly to Jane, staring coldly at her. She looked at me with that curiosity. I stopped right in front of her. If anyone else was watching us, they would have thought I was going to hit her.

"Don't do that again." was all I said.

"Do what?" Jane asked me innocently.

"You know what bitch."

Jane smiled. "Okay." she replied and pushed forward to kiss me.

It was a first for Jane to kiss me first. I liked it, being it a rare thing.

I wanted to go further today. I pulled her arms, pulling her off the desk she was sitting at, and holding her by the waist I backed her to a wall while not breaking our kiss. She didn't mind at all. Of course she wouldn't.

Right when our kiss went deeper, my hand went to her chest, under the shirt. She opened her eyes while I broke off the kiss. Her hands were behind her back. I stared at her face for a moment, while my hand was on her breast, on top of her bra, squeezing. She was daring me to go on.

I dipped my head to her neck and started kissing her there and then I felt it. She moved her body closer to me.

She let out a small sound when I moved my hand sliding under her bra.

"No, no…" she started to protest.

"No, be quiet." I told her, knowing that her resistance was a fake. My perfect girlfriend knew how to act the way I wanted.

She was quiet then and didn't squirm. Her body was right up against mine.

It was hard for me not to have sex right then and there. But… it wasn't the time. Just playing around was enough.

"Touch me." I commanded seeing her hands were still behind her back.

We were kissing again and then I felt it. Her hands moving up and down inside my shirt. Light touches they were at first but then turn into urges.

Jane broke off the kiss and started to play with my ear with her lips. I lifted her up and set her to the nearest desk. We stared at each other for a second. Both of thinking what the other thought. My hand slid up her thigh slowly as she brought her hand down to my belt.

We stared at each other and smiled. We took our hands back.

It was enough for today.

"I freakin love you." I told her. She kissed me. A different kind of kiss it was this time.

I sighed and we broke it off. It was time to go.

I held her hand as she jumped off the desk and didn't let go. We gathered our stuff and walked out.

"Some day, I'll marry you." I said to her while she looked at me in genuine surprise, then smiled.

We were a fake couple.

We both knew it.

We weren't normal at all.

But… there's no such thing as a perfect couple.

Or perfect kiss.

But we made it perfect for each other. 'We are a happily old couple now.' is what I want to say, but no it's not true.

After two months we broke it off.

Me and her, together, for never.

Everyone in school was surprised. We both had the longest relationship either one of us had.

But we dated other people… for two weeks.

For two weeks until we came right back to each other.

I won't tell you about our sex life. No, way. Maybe Jane can, if you ever find her in her 'real' self. But that's impossible. She made herself to the likes of me. What makes you think she'll change for you?

Jane……… she slowly reveals bits of her 'real' self. And I love it even more than what I created her to be.

But whatever she'll change to be, I know I won't stop loving her.

So back off you bastards!

Oh, and we're marrying in two weeks just to let you know.


NO joke!

She said she wanted to try going through a 'divorce phase'. And to get a divorce you needed to get married.

Whatever she wants, I'll give it to her. If she wants Paris, I'll give it to her. Why? Because I love her.

If you have love like ours, enjoy it to the fullest, whatever you're fullest is. Don't ever hold back on what you want, and be who ever you are.

Life, is full of lessons my friend, and this is a story, about what Jane and I learned.

What's yours?