Chapter 1

The pounding bass from the latest raging dance club filled the quiet street, of Toronto's Entertainment Center. The occasional car zipped past, completely bypassing the woman dressed in black and blood reds. She leaned against the building, the bass pounding against her heart. She held a cigarette in her hand without taking a single drag, while the sound of running water echoed from the dark corner just a couple feet from her.

"Are you done yet, Cassandra?" she snapped.

"What do you think, Althea?" Cassandra replied in a whiny tone.

The pale woman looked to the skies rolling her eyes with a sigh. The moon was playing hide and seek that night. It would disappear behind the dark clouds, then randomly reappear and illuminate all that it touched. Now was such a time and as it decided to peek out, it covered the young woman in a bath of silver moonbeams. Her face looked even paler in this light, but her black eyes mirrored the moon perfectly. Her black hair did much the same.

Suddenly the sound of the water stopped and out stepped a blonde woman with highly exaggerated make-up on. They stood about the same height, the blonde's skin was darker than the others and they eyed each other like they were mortal enemies.

"How much make-up do you have on anyway?" Althea asked still sounding annoyed.

"Not as much as what you're probably thinking," Cassandra replied smiling. "Most of it is costume make-up. So it looks thicker than it really is."

"Like I see much of a difference," the dark haired woman sighed passing the smoking stick to the blonde.

"Yeah, well, what about you huh?" Snapped Cassandra "You're so white, you glow! People are going to start thinking you're really a vampire, or something."

Althea shrugged her shoulders. "Probably would be an improvement on life." This caused the blonde to roll her eyes. "Why did you have to take a piss out here anyway? There are bathrooms in there."

"Oh, yeah I know. But did you see that line, Oh, my God. I never would've made it!" Cassandra squawked throwing her arms around.

"And you have any idea how much of the stereo-type you just sounded like, right there?"

"Oh shut up!" the blonde snapped, throwing down the smoke. "Why'd you come here anyway? To listen to the band play?"

"Of course, what other reason would there be?"

"Maybe you came to pick up a hot guy!"

"You know, not everyone whores around," Althea sighed, crossing her arms. "Just because that asshole dumped you, doesn't mean you have to sleep with every guy who shows interest in you."

"Well, how else am I supposed to find someone?" Cassandra whined.

"Try getting to know them?" Althea raised an eyebrow at Cassandra with a small smirk on her face.

"Tried that remember? It didn't get me very far and I ended up a mess for a month! At least sleeping with them, I don't get my heart broken again!"

"Yeah, but it doesn't fill the hole in your heart either,"

"I hate when you get deep on me, you know that Lea?"

"Yeah, but sometimes it just has to happen," Althea answered, that smirk still in place on her lips, showing off a set of fangs.

Cassandra shivered a little at the sight of those "You have no idea how much those suit you!" This caused Althea to laugh a little, running a hand through her hair. "Oh just shut up already! I'm going back inside, you coming?"

"Yeah, in a bit Cassandra," Althea waved at her friend as she walked back into the building, flashing the bouncer the stamp on her hand, and he allowed her in without payment.

Sighing, Althea looked around leaning back against the cold brick wall. Her eyes were filled with light from the neon club sign. The sound of something odd reached her ears. Her eyebrows furrowed, as she turned around to figure out what the sound was.

Althea peeked around the corner and spotted two guys leaning against the wall in the ally between the Club and the building besides it. They seemed to be making out.

'Althea, you really shouldn't be watching this,' she thought to herself. The sound of very sloppy kissing reached her ears. "God," came a voice from one of the guys. "You're so damn cold, but you're setting my skin on fire!"

Suddenly, a heavy hand rested on her shoulder, turned her around and pressed her against the wall. Althea looked up, but could only see a black silhouette. "Not a good idea to watch." came a very smooth voice that reminded Althea of velvet against her skin or chocolate melting in her mouth.

Then without warning, a muffled cry filled her ears. Althea turned around, but a thick iron-hard arm blocked her view and prevented her from turning around "Ah, ah" the male scolded like he was scolding a young child "I said you should not look."

There was a heavy thud, as Althea looked back towards the corner. The hand of the guy before her reached up and touched her cheek. It was as cold as ice and caused Althea to shiver. He made her look up at him; the light reflected in his eyes much like it would a cats pupils. "How about you go on inside and forget what happened here?"

Althea blinked staring up at him, like she didn't even notice what his eyes were doing, she nodded slowly to him "Maybe you're right" She turned around and walked back to the club door, showed her hand and disappeared inside.

A shuffle of gravel sounded at the corner where Althea was just standing, the man hadn't moved, but now there was someone standing beside him. A car whizzed past illuminating both of them, but no colors appeared on either of them.

"You know, you really need to be careful when you decide to eat" The smooth voice spoke, turning towards the newcomer to his side. "You were nearly spotted."

"Oh yeah?" another male voice, very similar to the first. "I smell something sweet."

"Yes, a nice little morsel."

"And what did you do? Let her go back inside? She could have been a mid-day snack!"

"Yes, I know, but remember the last time you had a mid-day snack?"

"Yes, yes Damien, I know!" The stranger answered turning to walk away, Damien following beside him. "The sunlight irritated my eyes and I woke up with something like a hangover."

"Exactly," Damien answered.

The friends walked away starting to laugh and joke around, before they both disappeared into the shadows