Hey guys.

I know, I know, this story's over, and I'm afraid there's been a little bit of hope that's crushed to find that this is just an author's note. But it is, unfortunately.

I've recently decided to begin the arduous process of editing, and while I have my own ideas for what I want to do, I could definitely use a few other people helping me out. So if there's anything that you think needs changing, leave me a review or PM me or whatever and let me know. I just sifted through reviews and compiled all your comments into notes for myself so I could make this better. Seriously. Anything. Even if it's something totally random like "I think Cece would be more relatable if her name was Susan." Just let me know.

Unfortunately, I don't plan on reposting the edited version, so except for the vague chance I get this published, you won't see your advice in action. However, you will have my eternal gratitude and a place in the acknowledgments if this ever does get published :). Also, I feel like this note is really awkward, so I'm just going to end it before you all get ridiculously low opinions of me and decide never to speak to me again.

Thanks in advance,