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I glanced around the school, hoping someone had heard my squeaky, wet entrance. I looked around, taking in the grungy; half lockers taking up most of the space on the walls. I was glad the halls were empty. It's so much easier to walk into a new school a couple of hours after it has started, and by a couple I do mean two.

I still needed to register, so I turned in a circle examining the different hallways branching off of the entrance hall. I looked for any signs on the corkboards that could help me find my way to the office. I was so engrossed in what I was doing that when the double doors behind me banged open, I gave a little squeak, and jumped.

I turned around, and behind me there was a guy, though you have probably already inferred that. The guy was less wet than I, because he was smart and had thought to bring an umbrella, unlike me. Despite the fact that he had brought an umbrella, his hair was still wet, so when he shook it out, I got a second shower.

I let out a hiss of air, and got my temper back in check. "Do you know where the office is?" I said with a voice absolutely dripping with nervousness. I was told to be a mouse at this school, and I would be. No matter what happened I would have to stay unnoticed. After all, my life depended on it.

His head snapped to me, noticing my existence for the first time. "Huh?" Was his oh so intelligent answer.

"I-I just asked if you know where the office is." I looked down at my shoes and glanced at him about every three words. God I hate having to do the stupid trembling mouse voice, and act. How the hell was I going to survive a year of it?

He snorted "Of course I know where it is." He turned and started to head down the middle hallway.

"Wait!" I called to him. "Would you mind showing me where it is?" I asked timidly.

He visibly sighed and said something that I did not expect. "Hell yes I would mind, so why don't you just wonder around and find it? Maybe being lost would give you some backbone." He looked at me in disgust, before spitting one last word at me. "Doormat," he started down the hallway again.

He had taken about two steps, before I had him shoved up against a locker. He tried to move forward, but even though he must have been at least six feet tall, a good foot taller than me, I was still able to slam him back against the locker.

"Listen up, you motherfucker, I asked you politely, to show me where the office is, and how do you answer me? You say rude things to me, and call me a fucking doormat. I don't give a damn about who you are, or who you think you are, but you had no right to judge me. Now tell me where the fucking office is, or better yet, show me." I glared at him.

I know, I was supposed to act all timid and shit, but what were they thinking? They should have known I couldn't stick to it. I hate acting weak; I also strongly dislike people with no backbone. My parents know all of this; they should have picked a different way to keep me safe.

Before I could blink, I found that our positions had been switched. Now I was the one shoved up against the wall, with his body pressed against mine. He was now the aggressor, and I was now the recipient of his anger; at least that's what it seemed I would be receiving.

His lips collided with mine, in what should have been a very passionate and very hard french-kiss, but was actually a very gentle and soft, brushing of our lips. Actually it was more his lips brushing against mine, with zero reciprocation from my side. I did enjoy the kiss, after all, I am a seventeen year old girl who is full of hormones, and he is a guy. A guy that I find very attractive.

He pulled away, sighing when he saw the confusion in my eyes.

"I was hoping I wouldn't have to explain." He whispered.

Poor hormones, I'll feed them later. "I don't want you to explain, I just want you to take a step back, and never, ever get this close to me again."

I placed my hands on his chest, intending to push him away; instead I found myself pulling him closer. His lips were a hair's with away from mine, when I started talking again. "Screw what I said before, just kiss me." I saw the light go on in his dark forest green eyes; he cupped my face with his hands and kissed me.

Although this was not my first kiss, it was probably the best I've had. His lips fit almost perfectly against mine, and he wasn't being rough. He licked my lower lip, nipping it, trying to find a way to entice me into reciprocating. I waited until he was pulling away, before I ran my hands up his chest and sunk them into his short mahogany colored hair. I dragged his lips back to mine and let out a puff of air against them, before tracing his lips with my tongue.

His mouth immediately opened to let my tongue enter; he started fighting with me for domination of the kiss. I fought back, until he slipped his hands down from my shoulders to my waist, one hand traveled up my body underneath my shirt, stopping at my breast. One hand fondled the previously mentioned appendage, while the other strayed from my waist to just inside my hipbone. His fingers stayed there, slowly drawing circles on the sweet spot, that caused me to shudder, and my muscles to spasm. He broke the kiss, laughing at my reaction.

He pulled his hands away and smirked. "Guess you liked that, huh?"

My eyes narrowed; I glared at him, before sliding one hand down his chest, slipping it just under the waistband, traveling from left to right, going a little lower each time. When my fingers brushed the base of his shaft, he groaned, and I slowly pulled my hand out.

He looked down at my with lust filled eyes, panting slightly. I smirked up at him.

"Guess you liked that, huh?" I echoed him.

He let out a breathless chuckle. He took a few steps back, slowly removing his body, and its warmth. He placed his hands back where they had been, and I lifted my right hand and let it join its twin, massaging his scalp.

"Mmm, sexy girl, you don't even know my name, and you let me feel you up? You're not really as shy and timid as you seemed."

I moaned when he slid his hand underneath my bra and brushed it across one of my nipples. "Sexy boy, I don't care if I know you name. All I care about," I took a step forward, pressing my body into his. "Is how it feels, and as long as you don't stop, your name won't matter."

He opened his mouth to answer, but the bell rang, signaling the end of class. He looked around at all the people rushing into the hall. He picked me up bridal style, and walked outside of the building, before setting my lightly on my feet.

I smacked him across his chest. "Why hell did you do that?!"

"I didn't think you would want an audience." He said.

I cocked my head. "An audience for what?" he chuckled, and looked pointedly down at his crotch. My eyes grew wide as I looked at his obvious erection. How had I missed that?


"C'mon, my car is right over there," he pointed to the student parking lot. "We could head somewhere and finish this."

I raised an eyebrow at him. "Finish how? By fucking?"

"Hell yeah, by fucking."

He snatched my hand, and led me to his car.

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