-1Poor and Lonely

Hold this heart in the palm of your hand

And grip it tight till the chambers give in

'Cause I know I'm not right, but no one understands

If I had one more chance

I'd rethink all my plans

I just can't stand this stance that I might die alone

So don't go far

Your tearing me apart

I've forgotten how to start

I can't go on living behind my "art"

And don't go reopening these scars

When you know these tears are ours

To each their share of the bizarre

Maybe I'm just scared of who we are

But if I had my chance

It'd be full-scale romance

It wasn't in my plan that I might die alone

And it's not fair

That you don't care

And don't you dare

Try to swear that your doing what's best for me

'Cause I don't operate on

These grays you feel so safe on

I try to comprehend but

I'm still left dying


But if I had that chance

I'd fuck it up all over again

It's just so hard to admit that I might die alone

And I don't know

Just where to go

Life moves so slow

And it takes so long for love to grow

And I can't spend my life

Just trying to get this right

Although I'd like to find a wife

I've got too many wars to fight

And I know you know

That's just the way it goes

I can't live a life that slow

I don't have time to watch the grass grow

And it may ruin my life

And I may never get this right

I couldn't begin to find a wife

It's not my time leave this fight

And when I take my chance

It'll be one without plans

It's a matter of happenstance that I might die

No, I can't die

I don't want to die alone