In the cemetery I met her; she had eerie blue skin,

Her neck was strung with twine and beads of lead.

And she made a count; each bead belonged to my sin,

With each sin, she frowned at me with lips of sunset red.


To stop her judgment, I took her and cradled her head

Yet with her ear to my heart, I could hear a bitter cry

O' grief! Her heartbroken sigh echoed in the cemetery sky.


As I held her, a new bead strung itself around her neck,

A bead of lust thus fell into place, further bowing her head;

My heart raced, my thoughts I could not keep in check

Yes here! In the sacred home of those not sleeping, but dead.


In the view of empty eyes, I wanted the soft sin of the unwed,

But my blue skinned girl who had the appearance of an angel

Said that of such a morbid desecration she could never be able.


Blue skinned angel with lips of sunset red, neck forever bound,

You cannot know with such a clean soul, empty like graveyard air;

My lust! Your new burdens will weigh your head to the ground.

Even in frustration, to take you by force I would never dare.


So it is your future, with my sin on your neck that you must beware,

For like all men the same sins I shall keep on without repenting

And my fault, bending your back, your grief will be unrelenting.