The Sun Also Rises

Why must such onerous conflicts take place at night?

The lights are on and the neighbors can see.

You shouts buffet me behind closed doors—

Yes, I'm hiding, but it's the only way to cope.

I hate myself tonight,

But I can't fix that and I certainly can't stop how you feel.

So hang on for dear life through each push and pull.

Isn't it pathetic how we believe this simple goal with complete us?

Our lives move in circles, endless cycles,

The ebb and flow of satisfaction and despair

With no tides turning tonight. Like the way the sun also rises

And falls from the sky, I feel bad now but I'm sure

Tomorrow will be better, and the next day just the same.

See the blood on the pillowcases, know this eats me alive.

But don't try to stop me from awakening at night, because

The evening sky is the landscape, the abyss into which I'll be pitched,

The warm cement on which I lay is the anchor I'll cling to

Until angels or demons or even the God or devil himself rips me away.