Star Strike:

The Talnor Wars


War. That is all my people have ever known. They were born out of war. They live in war. And they died in war. The origins of my people have been shrouded in mystery for centuries, corrupted by myths and lies. But I have learned the truth- the truth that my could have never accepted. We were genetically engineered- to be the ultimate soldiers.

In the years before the humanoid-reptilian wars that would be thought across the galaxy between the "Archaic Ones" of the Lylaic star system, and the Krotagon Empire- there was a brief Alliance between the two powers. In order to ensure peace between the two, they began experimenting with combining he DNA of various species from across the Galaxy to create a new race, that would unite them together- the future for both races, and they chose the planet that would become our homeworld –Biradias-, to conduct this experiment on.

By combining humanoid DNA with the various bird species that the "Archaic Ones" had found during their travels in the Galaxy, they created the foundation of the new races that would soon inhabit our homeworld. However the Krotagons wanted to take this New Species one step further. By further combining this new DNA strand with the Krotagon fire-producing Gene, they created a new race- a race that would be seen in myths throughout the galaxy- the Phoenixes-the legendary birds of flame. However not all their test subjects accepted the Krotagon fire-gene. It was hard enough to produce a creature that possessed both mammal and bird DNA, but to include a third Reptilian component, was near impossible. So there were many failed experiments, resulting in the creation of two new humanoid-bird species- Falconian and Hawkonian- both were genetically inferior to the Phoenixes.

For a while the "Archaic ones" and the Krotagons maintained peace on our homeworld, but then the war broke out between the two. With a sweeping blow, the Krotagon Empire seized the "Archaic ones" homeworld and drove them out into there colonies on other planets, where they evolved into the various humanoid species which now inhabit the Galaxy. However they forgot about us, and left the Phoenixes to rule over the two other species. That was the birth of "the Phoenix Empire" as it would latter be known as. The only trouble was, the genetically inferior species- the Hawkoninas and Falconians- began to see the Pheonixes as gods, and instead of being malevolent gods- they chose to abuse this role. The Pheonixes decreed that as long as the other species existed- the Hawkonians and Falconians should remain in a constant state of war with each other, until one was – completely- destroyed, and the one who survived- would come into the grace of the Pheonixes and share in there power.

That was beginning of the war of Biradias. The war that defines my life.

-Captain Areon Talnor

Chapter 1: Forbidden love

Planet Biradas' surface is uninhabitable. A vast poisonous mist covers most of the solid land masses and oceans. The only part of the planet that is remotely habitable is the vast mountain ranges of the planet. It was a brilliantly illuminated day, the sun of planet Briadas pierced the clouds above the, huge grey and snow capped mass of the giant mountains that towered above the poisonous mist below. There were four mountains in particular that were positioned in a diamond shape. In the centre of the four mountains hovering above the mist was a huge Hawkonian research facility. It was a golden disk, with a cone shaped tower rising above it. There were windows and laser weapons line all along the cone. There were four golden metal bridges connected from the facility, to each of the nearby mountains- these were what were also giving the bridge support. This facility was where the Hawkonians were supposedly developing the ultimate weapon to end the war. It was this that had caught the attention of the Falconians.

Suddenly, a huge flock of Falconians rose up from behind the North Mountain, in a V-flock. They had a bodies shaped like a human but the head of Falconians, long powerful beaks pointing downwards, large yellow eyes, feathers were a brown and white. They had three talons on each hand and foot, there wings were huge and outspread as they flew towards the base. They wore yellow brown military uniforms and were holding laser rifles- which looked like assault rifles but with strange particle accelerators along the barrel of the guns and had plasma grenades along their belts. Soon enough the Hawkonians picked up the Falconians (who looked similar to the Hawkonians, except they had smaller eyes, and were a darker shade of brown, and there beaks were more pointed) on there scanners, and so soldiers came running out of the facility with Laser cannon turrets, which were shaped like huge machine guns with tripod stands to shoot from, but again with large black diamond shaped cannons with particle spherical accelerator gun barrels at the end, w- however they didn't have enough time to get them set up before the Falconians (who were soaring over them), started lobbing plasma grenades at them, there was no flame at first, instead a ball of green light appeared and swallowed up everything in its path, and then exploded sending shrapnel flying everywhere- the flying Falconians had the same efficiency as a bomber plane squadron. The few surviving Hawkonians on the bridge were eliminated by the Falconians who landed- engaging the enemy in hand to hand combat with melee weapons like mono knifes- blades that are only 1 molecule thick. The Falconains entered the main body of the facility and swept through it in a matter of minutes.

Half an hour later, the Eastern side of the facilities tower was on fire. And the Falconians were victorious. The Falconian soldiers were now conducting a final search of the building to check if there were any Hawkonian survivors. This search had lead Lieutenant Serion Talnor to a small lab in the building. There were tables lined of chemical containers and particle accelerators in the room. All the Hawkonian scientists were all dead. However Talnor had noticed that there was an automatic sliding door at the back of the room, except- it was slightly ajar. There was a noise coming from behind it. Talnor pulled out his laser hand-gun from his holster and walked over to the door. He held his gun tightly in his left hand- held right up close to his face, and gripped the left sliding door with his right hand. Then with lightning speed he slid the doors open and pointed the gun into it! He looked around. It was a small dark storage closet, it was nearly empty, except for a few boxes on the ground. He looked at the boxes, there was something behind them- there was a breathing noise coming from it. He pushed away the top most box and it revealed that there was a young Hawkonian girl soldier, crouching down trying to hide herself away- to survive. She was breathing heavily, and when Talnor pushed away the box she started to panic and whimper.

"Please!" she begged. "Please don't kill me!"

But Talnor wasn't thinking about that. She was beautiful. His eyes widened so he could see the way the feathers at the back of her stood up- that is what really caught his eye. He couldn't pull the trigger. He simply couldn't.

"TALNOR!" boomed a voice from the door leading into the lab. Talnor recognised the voice- it was his commanding officer Captain Wirga. Talnor turned around to look at the door and then spun back to the closet and pointed his gun at the girl.

"On your feet!" ordered Talnor. The girl paused. "Now!" The girl slowly got to her feet and put her hands in the air. She walked in front Talnor, who had his gun pointed at the back of her head. It didn't take long for Wirga to march into the room, and right up to Talnor.

"Well, well well?" said Wirga exquisitely. "What do we have here,"

"Found her hiding in a closet Cap'n" replied Talnor horridly, trying to avoid the issue.

"Then why haven't you killed her yet?" asked Wirga.

"Nah Cap'n you don't want all that mess all over your new base do you?" replied Talnor. "I'll take her outside and do it!"

Wirgas eyes turned to slits and stared at Talnor. He slowly strafed around him until he was behind the girl like Talnor. He had his hand in a place where he could easily reach for his gun. Talnor looked worried- he thought he was going to kill the girl. But suddenly Wirga lifted up his hand and slapped Talnor on the back gleefully.

"Good thinking Luitenant!" replied Wirga. "Keep up like this, and you'll get that promotion in no time!"

Talnor smiled."Thank you sir." Answered Talnor. Wirga matched off back out of the room. When he was out of the room, Talnor nudged his head off in the direction of the door.

"Alright, com'on" he said to the girl. He marched her off- still holding her at gunpoint. The two of them walked out of the facility- across the southern bridge and on to the southern mountain. There was a small forest on the mountain side that the two of them wondered into. Until eventually Talnor said "Stop." There was a long silence. At these altitudes it was near freezing point- but the plant life on this planet was designed to survive the cold, but it only seemed to amplify the silence.

"Why have you taken me so far?" asked the girl.

"Shut up." Replied Talnor. "It has to look like I've killed you." He flicked the switch on the handgun- he turned off the safety. The girl knew the end of the life was hear. She squeezed her eyes closed as hard as she could and waited. Then came the noise of the laser shot and flinched. She waited a second. She realised he hadn't shot her. She wasn't dead. He slowly turned around to see Talnor behind her, pointing the laser gun in the air, there was smoke coming from the barrel.

"Why?" asked the girl. "You'll be executed if they find out."

Talnor put away his gun.

"I honestly…don't know." He answered. Again there was another pause. "What's your name?"

The girl paused before she answered.

"Teepa." She replied. "Teepa Clasaw."

Talnor smiled."That's a nice name. Well Teepa your free to go."

Teepa slowly walked over to Talnor, right up close to him, and (literally) pecked him on the cheek.

"Meet me at Serenity mountain, tomorrow at sundown" said Teepa. Talnor raised his eyebrow. She soon turned and walked past Talnor. "Oh yeah." She turned around. "And Thank you." Suddenly she spread her wings and flapped them to the ground, she jumped up into the air and took off. Talnor watched her fly away into the distance.

That was that. They soon fell in love. They both stayed in their respective armies, literally fighting each other. They knew if they caught they would both be killed. But they continued. Meeting each other on the battlefield. And soon my mother was pregnant with me. I was born on a battlefield. Raised on the battlefield. It is all I have ever known. Neither one of my parents could take me back to their home village, because I actually looked nothing like either species, and they were afraid that if they did that I shared the DNA of both Falconian and Hawkonian. And I would have been killed, and they would have been. So I lived with a front row seat of all the horrors that my people were putting themselves through, and each day wondering, would either of them come back alive. It was only a matter of time, before neither of them did.