I read a quaint book called A Handmaiden's Tale written by the feminist and female writer Margaret Atwood. In summary, it was a simple book (simple, I presume and will explain later, by the fact it was written by a woman) but illuminated some of my very problems with the modern female. In short, it's a book about a dystopia where the far right has taken over, most of the population is sterile, and so women who can have children are forced to be something called a Handmaid. A Handmaid, in this book, is a female used for the sole purposes of making children and expanding the dying population.

And this dystopia did not seem like such a horrid place as this female "writer" so obviously felt.

Really, it's quite humorous how hard women fight back against being women. Of course, it's a state of affairs that I-a male-watch perplexed. No other female creature in nature wants any of our inherent male liberties (such as strength both physical and mental) rather than enjoy their female liberties (like motherhood). Cows do not demand equal rights from the bulls, and the bulls, in return, do not demand motherhood. It all balances.

When I say balance, I do not mean equal. I mean things, between male and female, count up to one hundred percent. Females are about ten percent and males are about ninety percent. Some may cry in outrage now (some meaning "feminists") and say "how can you demean half the population?" I don't demean half the population. You see, men need women to be whole; women need men to be whole. Women, as a population, help fill men in with their ten percent. Women are important.

It's why I'm a huge supporter of heterosexual relationships over homosexual ones. A heterosexual equals that magical whole of one hundred percent. A homosexual relationship of two men equals the top heavy number of one hundred and eighty percent while lesbians come out at about twenty percent. Besides, a lesbian relationship deprives a woman of her one great asset: her womb. Everything else on a woman is simply inferior goods. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just the simple truth.

Ambition really is male. That's why it's always called male ambition. I challenge anyone to find the phrase "female ambition". And yes, yes, I'm sure somebody out there is going to point out examples of women they consider ambitious. If they do, they put me in an awkward situation where I'm torn between laughing at their foolishness and feeling pity. Women are not ambitious. Women will pretend to be ambitious to try to steal inherent male strength.

In order to have male strength, women must first weaken men so they are not so much of a competitor. They attain this goal through many ways, not the least of them is lies and love. As one can see, a woman could not go head-to-head to a man in anything so they must circumvent that with untruths and other wiles. It's where the phrase feminine wiles came from. There is no such thing as masculine wiles. Or at least, I have never heard it.

I only want the best for women. I really do. This is why I feel best when women are (pardon the cliché phrasing) pregnant and in the kitchen. Pregnant means they are fulfilling something they were actually designed for, doing something they can actually succeed at. And in the kitchen means they are safe. I'm sure I do not have to go into excruciating detail over how many predators wait for women who venture too far. Rape is nothing new to anyone. It just gets worse the more we fill our women's heads with dreams of being something they are not.

So I say to any girls who are still reading, revel in your femininity and I'll revel with you! There's nothing wrong with being feminine! It's one of the great things that make a woman who she is. Why lift weights to get strong or lift books to get smart, if you'll only be ten percent of a man, no matter how hard you try? As far a motherhood and childrearing are concerned a woman will always have one hundred percent on men. And please, ladies, don't try to take away what I am good at. I don't try to take away what you are good at. Honestly, this is what ying and yang are all about. It's how we reach serenity. For our future society, I sense a change coming; a change from our current attitudes of unfeminine women to the real, old, rustic times.

I know, I know. Everyone's always going on about how women are "capable" as men in strength and intellect. But, ladies, let me get you all in on a little clandestine thing we men keep furtive. That's what we call a weasel term. It's an appeasement term. When you, ladies, get too angry and riled, we have to say something to calm you down without actually meaning it. So next time someone says you are capable, I hope you understand it better.

Does this whole paper make me chauvinist? Well, if a chauvinist means that I stand beside what I believe then, yes, I am a chauvinist, thank you very much.