I am now much older and wiser (though, of course, I was very wise for my age).

I have not written in a great long while because:

1) I became quite depressed after seeing all of the reviews for my story. No, not because I was "flamed" by small-minded people with nothing in their brains but what society has force-fed them with a flaming, tainted spoon. I was depressed because of all the people who disagree with the simple facts I state. My goal is to spread my message all across the world, like the fertile seed of Abraham (btw, completely metaphorical. I still don't believe that God is a plausible entity in this world of hard science). Philosophy is becoming a lost art (as is debate, as many of you people—especially ladies—have demonstrated). Really, I am molding myself into a messiah a sorts, a Prometheus, a Bringer of Fire and Knowledge. Is that arrogance? No, my dear, it is the TRUTH. And I call you "my dear" because it is of course you false-women who deny the power of your own womb (which I'm sure you allow to shrivel, if any men would dare touch it anyway, you FALSE-women) who despise my works. It used to amuse me, but after being rebuffed so many times for my opinions, it now ANGERS me to think that so many disagree. Perhaps I should build a new world where people understand what Truth really is. I shall call this world New Greece and I would allow such notable people as Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Nietzsche and Erasmus (not for his religious beliefs, mind you). Perhaps a select few people who reviewed favorably would be allowed to come as well. Ah, but I dream…And, yes, women would be allowed to come, too.

2.) My girlfriend is bearing my fruit from her womb (unlike you harpies who allow your wombs to die in fires). The baby is due in a couple of months. She is very happy and I have never seen her as more perfect and feminine as when she is fulfilling her duty. And, no, I am not controlling of her. I love her more than any god dared to love; I love her more than religion, science, all that. And she is the perfect—PERFECT—woman. Her hair is long and golden, her eyes are beautiful green and now she has a new beauty: the beauty of someone who is fulfilling a biological function they were MEANT to have.

I am naming the baby Rex. It means king in Latin, not that I expect many to know that, of course…

3.) I have had no inspiration, for my muse had run away. Now she has returned and this time because of a dire, horrible circumstance. You see, my sister has done something very horrible, something I have come on here specifically to write about. I hope she will be an example to all of you.

Now onto the discussion.

I have used my sister as an example in the past. Well, to be honest, I am unsure whether I should again. After all, I was abused horrible by wretched, lashing tongues last time I did. Most seem to sympathize with my sister, which I simply don't understand.

But, still, I will use her as an example of what a woman should not be. Let her story be a fable of sorts for you to follow.

Recently my sister has run away. Yes, yes, I am sure some of you are "applauding". But, anyway, she has run off somewhere. Well, technically she has "moved out" and my mother and father let her (but not without my protest, I promise you). She has pursued her love of sports apparently. Go ahead, congratulate her "bravery" and all that.

Consider this, however: she has COMPLETELY abandoned her family, will not talk to me, lives far away where anything could happen to her, participates in a rough, dangerous sport with a bunch of men (yes, she is on a men's team. Is it even a male team anymore if a female is on it? But I digress), has become a bit of a slut and yet could not get a steady boyfriend to save her life. Why? Because men are repelled by her because she tries to be one of them but she comes across as an inferior try-hard.

Oh, and as she has not called nor texted me at all. She could be dead and raped in some god-forsaken alley.

If my sister ever reads this, all I can ask is that she comes home. Safely. If anyone here (and this is a miniscule chance, I know) runs into her, please, please send her home to me…lest she be corrupted.

I can only pray that you take her example and don't step out of your limits as she has.

Now let your pitiful flames ran upon me! I care naught! I'm only happy when it rains anyway (from a song I heard by a female artist. Not as good as Beethoven, I admit. But she did as well as a woman could).