adjectives of eternity
are so meaningless
daily i hear girls say,
"don't worry; it'll never happen to me"
and then when it does
it's hard not to say,
"i told you so"
or when girls say don't worry,
we'll be together forever
and when they lose their friend
it's hard not to laugh...
nobody listens
now i understand what my elders meant
when they said that,
"pride comes before the fall"
people put their hopes in themselves
prideful, thinking that they will be right
but relationships are so changing
people are nomadic
and things are only right for seasons
never say forever
or never
because life is about learning to expect
the unexpected
n. o. t. h. i. n. g. ever happens
the way it's supposed to
but don't let that stop you from living
don't learn to fear
just learn to watch your promises
of never and forever
most often, promises of eternity
become oh so b/r/o/k/e/n
everything changes
and the only thing that you can be sure of
is that god is forever
that's the only promise of eternity that will
definitely be whole
just watch those adjectives of eternity
so i don't have to watch just another person
f.a.l.l. a.p.a.r.t.