Lost spot

A grain of salt

Alone left from the tears

The sun has dried up all the water

Now the ground is bare and dying

Of course it is better than crying

Is it not?

Count the worth of a teardrop

The unspoken thoughts of years

Add it to the millions

Single notes of death

Being played upon the soil

A melody that is so unique

It can never be replayed

Listen while you can

To the lament of the nations

A song of peace

The treaty that never could seem to be made

Now released for the world to see

Can eyes handle it?

The colors of the harmony

The sad cry of the people

The Earth accepts the pain upon itself

Now we watch and learn

They laugh as they cry

The hypocritical mockery

Warm moisture marking up their cheeks

Smiles cracking as the crust of salt forms

Crystallized forever

Stuck in their song

A hollow chorus

Empty notes resonating off of walls

Each one hearing the silence

It deafening their ears

An immortality

Each of them trapped

In one lost