"Get out and stay out!" A girl chased out two smaller boys from inside her room.

"Mommy," the little two boys yelled as their bigger sister chased after them who were wearing black Converse, socks, faded blue jeans, stud belt, and a loose but short black tee shirt that had white letters reading 'Don't Touch'. Her icy blue eyes looked killer as her shade of brown hair was up in a messy pony tail. Her tanned skin faired well as she looked decent looking in her clothes she wore.

"Stella Claire Ryder!" A woman looking rather forty-two stepped in between the chase, making the girl stop suddenly so she didn't crash into her mother as her two little brothers hid behind her.

"They were going through my stuff!" Stella complained, pointing a finger at the two twins who smiled innocently up at their mother.

"They're just boys. Your brothers even," the mother sighed as she placed her hands on her hips. She stood a good foot taller than Stella, since she was six foot two and Stella was five foot two. Her hair was turning grayish but she still looked beautiful. "I know with your father gone, it's hard on you three to get along."

"Mom, don't bring dad into this and you always take their side!" Stella through her arms in the air as she turned around and stormed up the stairs to her room that was recently raided by her two little devil twin brothers.

Mom sighed as she turned to the two little ones. "School hasn't even started yet and you're already making your sister grumpy. Shame on you two," she scowled as the two little ones frowned deeply. Sighing again, she placed each hand on one of their heads and turned them around. "Come help mom make dinner." The two cheered as they raced into the kitchen.

A few minutes later, the front door opened then slammed. "Mom! Stella left her stupid bike in the middle of the driveway again," that was Stella's older brother, Marc. The younger sibling opened her room door and shouted down to him. "You better haven't ran it over again!" Her voice cold and mean, making the oldest sibling snicker. "Sorry, but it was in my way." Stella was going to be a new student at his school since she used to live with her father until he was killed then she moved here to live with her mother and other siblings. Marc was a senior and Stella was a sophomore and a new one at that. She had moved here when her school ended which was early than their school so basically her summer was longer. Oh joy for her.

"Mom! That's the second time this summer!" Stella yelled to the kitchen when her mother appeared at the steps. "Stella, we'll get you another one and Marc next time don't run it over." She turned to her eldest with a disappointed look. Marc just grinned and walked away into the living room.

Mom turned to Stella. "Dinner will be ready in a few," she told her as she left back to the kitchen.

"I'm not eating!" Stella slammed her door and walked over to her desk where her laptop was sitting on. She signed into Yahoo Messenger and a IM popped up.

BRiiNGiiNS3XiiBACK: Ella! Wru?!

WelcomeToHell: Across America

BRiiNGiiNS3XiiBACK: WTF?! Ella!

WelcomeToHell: It's a long story so I'll make it short. My dad died and I live with Mom now.

BRiiNGiiNS3XiiBACK: Oh sorry bout that

WelcomeToHell: school starts tomorrow gtg

BRiiNGiiNS3XiiBACK: That early?!

WelcomeToHell: Yeah, over here it's different so yeah.

BRiiNGiiNS3XiiBACK: bai chicka! We all miss you

WelcomeToHell signed off.

Stella sighed as she turned around in her chair and stared at her room. It was pink and black. They went together but rather have lime green than pink but it wasn't a bright or dark pink so it was kind of 'cool' in a way. She had a twin bed in a corner with a nightstand beside it on the left. A window since she lived in front of the house so there was at least two big windows which make it really bright if the black curtains aren't closed. Other than that just a few boxes of unpacked stuff and her clothes all hanged up nicely in the closest and her TV and consoles set up in front of her bed. Sighing as she changed into her pjs, glancing at her clock it was only six at night but she was still tired as she crawled into her bed and underneath her covers. She fell asleep thinking about tomorrow. If only tomorrow hadn't come so soon.

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