Spy Wants a Donut

When you're a sophomore girl, hardly anything is more important than figuring out if a guy likes you- even if you're not exactly the most girliest girl in the world. And yes, 'girliest' is not a word. Anyways… when you are not the most girliest girl in the world (let's call her 'Kassy'), you have different methods of finding out rather than asking the guy's best friend if said guy liked said girl- less dangerous, more practical methods.

Like spying.

"Carissa, I need you to spy for me today."

"Oohh… you mean in biology?"


And that, dear readers, was the beginning of the end.

Carissa was very bored in fifth hour biology class, not only because she hated biology with the fiery passion of a thousand Betelgeuses (let's be honest here; Betelgeuse is much bigger and threatening than the sun. Anyways, back to what Carissa was very bored about), but also that so far, the spying had been largely unproductive. And so, in her notebook with which she was supposed to be taking notes (on both subjects), she began to doodle and write things unrelated to both the spy work and biology.

Subject is boring.

Carissa sighed as the biology teacher went off on a tangent. Something about hunting. Or whatever.

Spy is hungry.

And indeed, she was. She was very hungry.

Spy wants a donut.

She looked around the room casually to see if the subject was doing anything remotely interesting. Much to her dismay, the subject was just as boring as he was five minutes ago.

Nothing is happening. Spy still wants a donut.

Carissa knew she was going to be in trouble because Kassy was a very serious person, especially when it came to her spies. She also knew that the end of class, when she would give Kassy the notes, would be quite amusing indeed. Plus, she had always liked pushing her best friend's buttons. It was great fun, especially when she got that look. Y'know, the look when you wish for just half a second that murder was legal (because a half a second is all you need).


Carissa shrugged and gave Kassy her observations (even if they weren't quite what Kassy was looking for).

Kassy's eye twitched and she looked very, very vexed.

"'Spy wants a donut'?"

True story. :) To this day, whenever I want a donut, I say, "Spy wants a donut." Anyways... that's all...