Lavender Streaked Sky

The people of Kingsford Plaza were perfect. They lived in towering, similarly colored homes with neatly trimmed lawns and gardens. Their children were properly raised (which meant that they knew to say "please" and "thank you" and never, ever started fires or flooded the bathrooms or anything like that) and one, two, or three inhabited each home, because any more would require more seats in a minivan, and that was just troublesome. They appreciated fine art, fine dining, fine clothing, and anything else that fell into the category of "fine" or was similar. But most importantly, they were educated. They were intelligent. They had graduated from their colleges and universities with high honors and PhD's and they knew pi up to the 24th decimal (at least) and they were-

"Completely ignorant."

"Excuse me?" Missy Copperfield, who was graduating with high honors, glared fiercely at the weird little freshman girl who was currently sitting on the sidewalk. Missy's boyfriend, David, was watching with great interest. The offender was looking at Missy as if she had never seen a more pathetic sight in her life. Slighted, Missy continued, "Just who are you to talk?"

The girl wasn't unfamiliar in Kingsford Plaza, but the inhabitants made an effort to try to ignore her. She was Irene Gordon, the girl who defied knowledge and embarrassed them all. "Well, I'm Renie, maybe you've seen me up on my roof talking with the gneakles," she offered with a plucky smile.

Unable to help himself, David snickered. "What on earth are gneakles?" he asked in false interest.

Unfazed, Renie answered, "Oh, you know, the little creatures that fly around through the air. Sometimes the light catches them, but some people think it's only dust floating around in the air. They're really the gneakles, in their miniature form." She smiled wisely, and she almost sounded convincing.

Missy looked at Renie in disgust. "You're a freak," she snarled. "There's no such thing as neeks…"

"Gneakles," corrected Renie. "Neeks are completely different. They're-"

"I don't care. They don't exist," hissed Missy.

Renie frowned. "Yes they do," she argued, but it didn't sound like she was arguing. It sounded more like she knew that she was telling the truth but she also knew that the other two weren't going to believe her. "Gneakles are the ones who make the sky this lovely lavender color."

There was a stiff silence.

"The sky… is blue…" said David slowly, who seemed to be unsure whether to stick around to see the outcome or to call for the mental ward immediately.

"Well, naturally, it is, yes," agreed Renie. "But when they're flying around, the gneakles streak it lavender. See?" She pointed upwards, outlining a lavender streak, which wasn't there for Missy and David's minds' eye.

"…You… are past weird," said Missy, who started to back away from Renie. "You're insane!"

Renie smiled partly. "Not really. It's that dryad in your tree that you should be worried about, though." She looked mildly concerned. "She's not at all happy since David here accidentally killed the naiad. That was her sweetheart, you know." Renie sighed sadly. "Such a sad story…"

David paled. "I killed a what?"

"What's in my tree?"

"A dryad and a naiad. Nymphs," clarified Renie, and she sighed again. "So ignorant."

Missy fumed and clenched her fists. "Not… ignorant!"

Renie smiled vaguely. "You can say that as soon as you see the lavender streaks in the sky." She nodded sagely.

Missy glared fiercely at Renie before huffing in frustration and stomping away, followed soon after by David.

"They're so strange."

Renie nodded, looking down at the gneakle sitting down next to her. "I agree, Tom-Tom," she concurred.

Tom-Tom shook his head. "And they didn't even bother to acknowledge me!" he complained, entirely exasperated.

"Tom-Tom… they couldn't see you." Renie smiled, very amused at that little fact that Tom-Tom forgot (quite quickly, seeing as gneakles have a short memory span concerning details).

Tom-Tom mused over that for a moment. "Oh yeah…"

"Like I said before…" Renie smiled knowingly, and it was almost a smirk. "They're completely ignorant."


Ahahaha. I did enjoy writing this. And in case you couldn't tell, I did have Luna Lovegood in mind. Yeah...

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