Well, here is my first story I submit, hope you enjoy :)

"That's the final straw for me!" Eric yelled as he franticly searched his Dad's medicine cabinet. "I'm tired of this life!" Eric screamed as he continually chugged down bottles of different pills and medications. After he had done this he quickly ran upstairs to his room and fell asleep on his bed. Everything was going bad for Eric; he was a loser at school, he had failing grades even though he tried to make good ones, people made fun of him at school all the time for being a little overweight, and today had been one of the worst days of his life. So he had decided that today was the day to make his final decision.

However Eric woke up a few hours, unharmed. "What theā€¦." Eric said as he slowly climbed out of his bed examining himself. "Why am I not dead?!" Eric questioned. He began to walk down the stairs to his kitchen. "I must have done something wrong." He said while he was pouring himself a glass of milk. He then proceeded to the study where his computer was. He searched "Suicide methods" on Wikipedia. "Wow I can't believe that didn't work. I don't see how though; Let me see if I can find another way..." He then noticed the section called "Electrocuting." "Why didn't I try this one first?" Eric smirked. He ran to his bathtub and started to fill it up with water, and then he sprinted to his kitchen to get a toaster. At last the water was high enough in the tub, so he plugged in the toaster and jumped in with it. The lights in the bathroom flickered but then came back on. Eric however, was still alive. "No way!" He screamed to himself as he got out of the tub, shook off most of the water, hurried to the front door and started to run outside

Even though he was soaking wet, Eric ran pretty fast. He could see the tall building about a mile away. "There is no way; I'm going to be able to survive this!" He darted into the office building and went into one of the staircases. Eric furiously started to run up the stairs. Finally he had reached the roof. He walked over to the edge to look down. It was about 25 stories high. He decided he wanted a running start so he backed up a little from the edge. He sprinted and then jumped off the edge of the building. He was ready for the consequences of his actions. He flew through the air, and crashed into the cement below. Eric stood up; he was alright and not even scratched. "What is going on here!?" Eric shouted at the top of his lungs. Surprisingly nobody had even see Eric fall.

As he began to slowly walk home in disappointment, he was thinking about how or why he had survived these attempts. Just then a little red head girl darted into the street to receive a red bright ball. A bus suddenly turned the corner and was going to hit the little girl. Eric knew what he had to do, he rushed into the street and pushed the little girl aside, and he got flattened by the bus. The bus came to a screeching halt as all of the passengers got out to see if he was alright. They crowded around his body. A look of horror was on all of their faces, Eric was dead.

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