Chapter 14

Set sat in Geb's black Volvo leaning his forehead against on the flat plastic in the centre of the steering wheel.

How long had he been sitting here?

Quite some time.

He lifted his head and gazed through the rain-speckled windshield at the dimness outside. When he had parked his car before the two-story brick house where Li lived there had still been daylight outside.

He grasped the wheel with his cold hands until his knuckles turned white.. What should he do? Should hedrive away, as he had yesterday and the day before,knowing that tomorrow he would be here again, waiting for nightfallto longingly gaze up at the light in the window and maybe see Li's shadows for a moment or two?

He sighed. Why was he such a coward? Just open the damn door and get the hell out.

He opened the door, got out and pushed the small button on the remote control. A blink of the directional lights indicated that the car was now locked. He put the car keys in his left pocket.

Now what?

He tilted his head up toward the shower of rain that was slowly but surely soaking his hair, wetting his clothes, cooling his already cold flesh. His gaze was directed toward the window through which light was spilling on the street.

The shadow of a man crossing the room was visible for a moment before the light was shut down and the whole house, except the lighted entrance door, was hidden in the darkness, merged with it.

Set flinched inwardly and bent his head, his eyes looked toward the tips of his shoes and watched the raindrops disappear on the wet pavement, not really seeing them.

Same time tomorrow then. He would have laughed at himself, at his pathetic behaviour but he felt too miserable, too numb for that. Maybe tomorrow would be the day when he would swallow his pride and gather the courage to take those few steps.

Set's hands found their way into his pockets. The fingers of his left hand started to play with the metal ring of the keys. There was no point in standing here. He should go home now.

"Set." A pair of boots came into Set's line of vision before somebody's hand cupped his chin and he was forced to look up into worried green eyes.

Small shiver ran across Set's body. Li was standing right before him holding an umbrella above both their heads and only a small space separated them.

"Are you alright?" Li released his hold on Set's chin, his fingers wrapped around Set's wrist and he started to walk toward the lighted entrance, gently pulling Set with him. "Let's get you dry."

"Huh?" The thought of resisting crossed Set's mind, but it was quickly discarded. He trailed behind Li with jelly-like knees through the entrance of the building, up the stairs, through the doors of Li's apartment, like a good boy, like a very good obedient boy.

Li released Set's wrist, turned up the lights, closed the door behind them, put the wet umbrella in the metal basket by the door and kicked his boots off.

Set stood there like a statue, silently watching Li with his big blue eyes.

"Take your shoes off."

On Li's order, Set bent down and with his numb fingers tried to untie his shoes.

"Let me." Li kneeled down, shoved Set's hands away, loosened the shoelaces and removed the shoes from Set's feet. When he rose up he pulled Set with him and then he pushed him through the door into the bathroom.

After Li left the bathroom with instructions for Set to strip, Set sank down on the floor. With hands trembling from cold he pulled his T-shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor. The belt, which took quite some time, because his fingers didn't want to obey him, was next. He was in the process of removing his socks when Li appeared, a fresh set of clothes in his hands.

Li rolled his eyes, set the clothes on the cabinet by the sink, then helped Set out of his remaining clothes and dragged him under the hot shower, to warm him up he said, then left again.

Set felt a whole lot better when he got out of the shower. He dried his body and his hair with the towels Li had prepared while he was in the shower. Then he started slowly to dress in the comfortable cotton pants and T-shirt that were waiting for him. When he was done he padded out.

The hallway was poorly illuminated; the only source of light came from a crackfrom the half-opened door at the end of the hallway. Bedroom.

Set sucked his bottom lip between his teeth, he closed the distance between him and the bedroom and fidgeted before the half-opened door.

The light on the night table was casting a soft glow onto the bed, sketching a shadow of Li sitting on the bed atop the blanket with a book in his hand.

"Come in already." Li shifted on the bed, so that he was visible through the doorway.

When Set just stood there looking like a small boy who would like to take a step forward, but was for some unknown reason afraid to do so, Li put his book on the nightstand, raised himself from the bed and came toward the door and opened it wide. "You are spending the night, right?"

"I guess." Set was pulled in. He passed by Li in the room, sat on the bed and clasped his hands in his lap.

Li climbed on the bed and positioned himself behind Set. He pulled Set into his embrace, so that Set was leaned sideways against him and he wrapped his arms around him. "So?"

"So." Set lay his head on Li's shoulder. His heart started to beat wildly. Here comes the talk. Here comes the swallowing of his stupid pride; he just hoped he wouldn't choke on it. "I have to apologize to you."

"Are you sure? That's usually my job."

"Li. Please."

"Sorry, hon. Go ahead."

"I have to apologize for being a selfish dick. For not understanding that you didn't push me aside, that it wasn't about me being less important to you than everything else, but that it was about you trying to do what you were supposed to do with me holding you back." Set swallowed. The words had sounded so much better in his head "Well…not exactly holding you back, but you know, taking up your time and…"

"I think I know what you mean," Li said. "What made you see things like that?"

"Mom. She took me in hand. She told me that I should stop punishing you because you couldn't devote your time only to me when I wanted you to, because Geb's life is more important than my pride and my wishes and if I can't see that, I'm a fool." Set took a deep breath and continued. "That I should realise that you are the best thing that has happened in my life. And if I let you slip out of my life again she's going to disown me."

"She said that?"

"Yeah." A gentle smile blossomed on Set's face. "And she's right. You are the best thing in my life. It's just… it was hard to let go of the past, to move on. It would have been easier if you were just Lucas, because I trusted Lucas. Lucas made me feel loved and cherished."

Set snuggled closer. "But then I found out that you were Li and Li hurt me and I had unfinished business with Li. So maybe that's why even when I knew that the timing sucked I pushed you…"

"It's okay, hon." Li leaned down and pressed a warm kiss on top of Set's head.

"No, it's not. You have to know - I never really intended to forgive you, because forgiving you would mean that I've wasted so much time, that with pushing you out of my life I have also denied myself happiness."

"But you are going to forgive me?" Li's hand that stroked Set stilled.

Set hooked his arm around Li's neck. "There is nothing to forgive, not really. I'm guiltier than you are. I'm the one that was stubborn and foolish."

"I'm glad you changed your mind"

"Me, too, because if I passed up the chance to be with you I would always regret it. But it was just hard to admit it to myself and to forgive myself all the stupid things I did regarding you."

"To forgive yourself it's a hard thing to do, one of the hardest." Li resumed his stroking Set's arms, while the other hand tilted Set's face up and pressed a quick chaste kiss on Set's lips. "Now, tell me what's up with this weird behaviour of yours, including all that sitting in the car and standing in the rain."

Red dusted Set's cheeks. He whined, "Do I have to?"

On Li's nod and mock stern gaze, Set sighed. "Almost a month passed. You said you might stop waiting for me, that you might move on with your life and… I…didn't know… if you still wanted me."

Li chuckled. "Knowing how proud you are and the fact that you are obstinate as a mule too, I figured that I'd have to be the one to come to you." He rubbed his cheek against Set's. "Because the truth is, I'll always wait for you, always want you."

Set's head snapped up. His eyes narrowed on Li. "You mean…"

"Yeah." A very pleased smirk appeared on Li's face. "You saved me a lot of trouble."

Set's lips transformed in thin line. So all that worrying… all those sleepless nights… He looked at Li's face; there was contentment in his jade green eyes and a million-watt smile shining down on him that washed his annoyance away. Oh, whatever. He was here now and all that was really important was that in Li's embrace he felt cherished, appreciated, loved. Loved? "Li. Do you still love me?"

"You are such a moron to ask me something like that." Li, with his fingers, framed Set's face. "Of course I love you, I said it to you before. Just because some time has passed … one short month can't change that." To emphasize his words he captured Set's mouth in a gentle, breathtaking kiss.

Set closed his eyes and sighed in happiness and then he squirmed in Li's lap. There was something underneath him, something hard. Ooooo.

Set broke the kiss and decided that he was annoyed. "Goddamn it. We are having a fucking Kodak moment and you are ruining it by poking me with that thing. Damn it, Li. You are such a horny bastard."

"I can't help it." Li grinned and in one swift moment he had Set on his back and pinned underneath him. His knees nudged Set's legs apart and after he settled between them, he flashed a sly smile at Set. "And besides, as I remember you are worse than me."

Set rolled his eyes, but didn't complain, because it was true and because since the moment it had dawned on him what that uncomfortable thing was, the blood had rushed into his groin with the speed of light and that was what really annoyed him, his susceptibility to Li. Oh, well…what could he do? He locked his ocean blue eyes with Li's lust-filled green ones and licked his lips. Plenty of things, naughty, voluptuous things, like rubbing himself against Li and that was exactly what he did.

"You little tease." Li hissed, his arms framing Set.

A cheeky grin bloomed on Set's face; he wound his arms around Li's neck and lifted his hips, rubbing himself against Li again. And again.

Li rubbed his cheek against Set's and then unclasped Set's arms and moved away.
"What are you doing?" Set whimpered and lifted himself up on his elbows. "Get back here."

"So demanding." Li smirked and pulled his shirt over his head, he exposed his toned chest and abs.

Set licked his lips, lifted himself on his knees and followed Li's example; the T-shirt flew through the air. "Come here and I'll show you how demanding I can be."

"Patience, hon, patience." Li's pants were tossed on the floor, he went toward the drawer and pulled out of it a tube and a pack of condoms, tossing them on the bed and then the mattress dipped under his weight.

As soon as Li came within reach of Set's arms, Set wrapped them around him. All that time without Li, without his touch…"I missed you so much."

Li's palms slid over Set's sides. "I missed you too."

Set leaned forward and pressed his lips against Li's. He nibbled on Li's bottom lip and then sucked on it.

Li pushed them down into the soft surface of the mattress, then he hooked his fingers around the edge of Set's pants and pulled them off; they ended up on the floor.

Set bent his knees and let Li's hands to spread his legs, he pushed himself up on his elbows, he watched how Li got settled between his legs then slid down, how those green eyes were focused on him, while that mouth neared, came close to his sensitive flesh. He could feel the breeze of Li's breath on it and shuddered and fisted the fabric of the sheet beneath him. "Li."

A teasing smile curved those perfect pink lips before he was enveloped in wet velvet.

Oh, god. Set's head felt back. Oh, god. The wicked swirls of that tongue and that mouth… he fell down on his back.

Li's hand held Set's hip, it kept Set's from moving, while the other one tiptoed down, under.

A slick finger penetrated Set, and then another, they found his special spot and pushed on it, again and again, the rhythm synchronized with the movement of this magic mouth, it made Set moan and softly whimper.

"Li." Set arched his back. "I'm not…I'm not going… to last."

The third finger was added and it only took a few pushes against the spongy tissue, a few strokes of that talented tongue and a few slides of that mouth and Set's spine arched, his eyes seeing stars.

A hushed cry was torn out from his throat.

Li continued with his ministrations until the last tremor left Set's body and he laid there, his limbs all liquid and his breath laboured.

"Li." Set reached out with his arm, his fingers intertwined in that fair hair. He lightly tugged on it. Up. Up. Until Li's face was above him, Li's chest touching his and Li's legs between his bent knees.

Li's eyes shone down on Set and he bent down, pressing a hard kiss on Set's lips, which opened wide.

Set tasted the salty flavour of himself; their tongues entangled in a passionate dance that lasted and lasted.

Li's hands slid, caressed and caressed Set's body; his fingers drawing unknown patterns on Set's skin.

Set could feel his cock coming back to life. So soon.

Li's lower body drew back for a moment, then the sound of smearing, the sound of foil tearing and then it was back and something hard and slick nudged at his entrance and slid inside.

Set's breath was released in a hiss.

"So tight," Li's hot breath caressed Set's ear, his hips still, he gave Set a moment to adjust. "So sweet."

Just the thought of Li being a part of him made Set squirm. He moved beneath him, he lifted his legs high, hooked them high on Li's back and lifted his hips up, feeling. "Li. Please."

"Everything you want, hon. Just say the words."

"Please. Move."

"Everything you want, hon." Li complied; he pulled partly out and pushed slowly in, he rocked his hips. His green eyes holding Set's, he loved Set, he cherished Set.

And Set could feel Li everywhere, in the hands that were holding him, in the weight that was pushing him down and in him. Moving in slow motions in and out of him, every thrust bringing him delicious pleasure, delivering the flashes of white rain, whenever his sweet spot was hit.

And it was wonderful. So wonderful. He wrapped his hands around Li's neck and pushed himself even closer. "Please, please."

"I know, hon. I know." Li's thrusts increased in strength and speed. He shifted his weight to his left arm and slid his right over Set's abdomen, down, taking Set's erection between his fingers, stroking it fast.

"Li." Set trembled beneath Li, moan after moan echoing in the room. The hot tension spiralled up and up his spine. A dozen blows against his prostate later the white silver sparks overtook him, they were so intense that he could hardly breathe; spasms shook his body, but his blue eyes stayed open, held captive by the intense green ones. "I love… I love you… So much."

Li gave a final thrust, he buried himself deep and held very still for a few moments.

Then he collapsed on top the body below, careful not to crush it. He withdrew and fell on his back beside Set. After few deep breaths, he removed the condom, threw it in the little trash bin beside the nightstand and with tissues cleaned them both.

Then he laid back down on his back, tilted his head toward Set and reached out with his hand. He hooked his arm around Set's waist and pulled him closer, he laid Set's head on his chest. "I love you, too. But you already know that."

"I do now." Set snuggled closer, his palm rested above Li's heartbeat. He looked up in those aqua eyes, those beautiful aqua eyes.

Li's fingers entangled in Set's hair and played with the black tresses. "So?"

"So?" Set propped his elbow on Li's chest and leaned with his chin on it, he looked down at Li.

"When are you moving in?"

"Don't you think you are moving a little fast?" Set tilted his head, his eyes danced with mirth. "You haven't even taken me out on a date."


"You know, I dress in something fancy and you pay for the food."

"Yeah?" Li tried to pull Set closer.

"Yeah, but I have to warn you: I'm not easy." Set slid out from Li's hands and straddled Li's waist. "I don't put out on the first date, so you better use your chance now."

Li lifted himself up in to a sitting position; his palm followed the sensual curve of Set's behind. "Are you sure, hon? We just had- "

"I'm not made of glass, you know. Don't treat me like I am." Set smiled. He leaned forward. "And beside, there's still the option of me doing you."

"Oh, yeah." Li's hands slid up Set's sides.

"Yeah. 'Cause I'm still the man and you are my bitch." Set hooked his hands around Li's neck and pressed himself closer. "Me being a bottom doesn't change that fact."

"Are you sure, because in that case maybe I should dress fancy and you pay for the food." Li chuckled.

"I'll think about it." Set's mouth was a breath away from Li's. "Now stop talking and kiss me."

And Li did, he kissed him, he entangled them in a sinfully liquid deep kiss.

Set moaned his contentment into Li's mouth and slid his tongue against Li's. The journey to this moment had been long and they had wasted too much time, but now everything was as it should be. Just perfect.

The end

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