I gaze at the computer screen

A haze of words that go unseen

My eyes they blur; they water fast

But it's okay; she's here at last

She teases a smile from my lips,

She journeys with me on happy trips

Bounces and dances and plays as I

Hopes and happiness; on these wings we fly

Perfection embodies her; She

Looks so lovely; wild and free

Her clothes so black; cling so tight

So gentle, so lovable; she is my light

Her words caress me; so happy I feel

Her friendship soothes and helps to heal

I long to embrace her; hold her close

Filled with a love I long to disclose

But I didn't mean to fall this way

It's so difficult when black and white go so grey

For this is the internet; these feelings shouldn't be

Yet I cannot ignore the emotions within me

I type to her tenderly,

My words friendly and deft

And when she "shuts down"

I feel bereft