It's a place in which it has neither moon nor sun

so much monotony as if I already had lived those days

in reality I have nothing to tell...

as if you you care... uh, don't forget

don't forget to close the door on leaving.

Before I go up the stairs, I look carefully at my watch, the sound of rain stopping and cars working through the gray streets, sing a sad melody or maybe I'm sad...

It's a place in which the lie is the truth

it's a place in which the feelings play hide and seek

you can seek them and seek them and you get lost.

I've been tested what I want to tell you, in the end the word game is so nice... well, I can hear my sigh of resignation, my steps reecho through the corner of your heart, I feel somebody comes after me even if there's nobody else but me..

It's a place in which Reality is conspicuous by its absence

and you can't survive imagining...

Sometimes I feel that my hands are tied or you're just wind when I try to touch you.. every step you give, I move back three times running. who is leaving?

It's a place in which you go and you never return

it's a place in which you sit down and you wait..

When you tell me a joke, I pretend "that" called "laugh", I guess it's funny but to smile it's so stupid when the only thing you try it's crying and you say you miss the person I used to be but why? you don't accept who I am now.

It's a place in which I've never liked to be..

I knock on your door, you take a long time to open, you stare at me as if you read my mind "wait a minute" you say me closing the door, that minute seems to freeze and you go out "let'ts go" stoically I follow you up to the terrace, I've never understood why you like to look at the sky until that day you said me "it has the same color of your eyes" still... I don't understand.

It's a place...

Then I light a cigarette, laughing at my own weakness, I give off the smoke of my first puff, the nostalgia invades me... you already know... what you have to do, just stop yearning for those days.


Why do you kick the wall when you're angry? your shadow reflected on it it's like a fight against yourself, I thought if I was with you I could bear everything.. but the world is big enough to win it.

I want you..

To fall from the top it's not like to have wings, to fall from the top it's as if you were in a roller-coaster and you wanna come down from that cloud shaped dreams though you don't know how to dream..

That place is..

I promise to smile on saying goodbye on the other hand promise me you forget me.

... my heart.