This is to be Book One of the Blood Moon Chronicles, a series that I am writing. This is only the first chapter of the book, but I'd love it if you would please review to tell me how I am doing.

A rush of warm breezes tickled the silver jade grass in the pale moonlight. It lightly tussled her charcoal hair in a gentle caress. The tiniest escapee strands danced in the pleasant breeze as her waist-length braid swayed slightly. A satisfied sigh whispered from her pink lips gradually as she fell against the soft green foliage beneath her, pale skin gleaming with a soft caress in the shining moon. The hilltop was always the greatest place to relax during this time of year, and she took every spare moment to enjoy it. The long days would end soon and, with it, the heat of summer…but these thoughts were only fleeting as her thoughts fell into a pleasant murmur that she barely noticed. Reflected in her emerald eyes, the stars glittered, delicate crystals spanning the length of the velvet midnight of the sky.

A sudden cough brought attention to the male beside her, his own silver blonde hair swaying against the grass as it fell across moonlit icy blue eyes. Lightly tanned skin covered his body, hiding the finely tuned muscles and sinew. Thin white lines covered his arms, wounds from protecting his love from dangers and earning his position within their pack. Soft white cotton spanned his chest, emphasizing the amount of muscles and lack of anything else. The shirt was sleeveless, but a pitch dyed trench coat hung loosely around his shoulders, underneath his large body. He turned to her with a soft smile on his lips, a tenderness that didn't match his persona emanating from the depths of scintillating blue pools.

She smiled broadly, stifling a small, silver giggle from disturbing their peaceful air of comfort. A silver chain glittered with new life as a silver ray fell upon it. A polished stone lay nestled against her pale throat, held by a ringlet attached to the chain. It was the size of a small bird's egg and mimicked the color of his swirling blue eyes. She spread out her arms, rustling the deeply flared sleeves of her almost coal-emerald shirt. It was snug against her chest and tight against her muscled abdomen. Ebony pants circled her smooth waist, held by a sash that imitated her shirt's dye. Both him and her were barefoot.

He moved closer to her and wrapped one arm around her neck, pulling her closer to him. She curled against his powerful frame, small shivers lacing through her. His chest rumbled with a deep chuckle as his arms wrapped security around her. His welcoming body kept away the light coolness of the breeze.

"Kitsune..." He whispered against the ebony hair blanketing her shoulder. The words tickled her ear and she could feel love, warm and sweet, as the name slipped off his tongue. He tapped his crimson tongue against her ear in a deft stroke of warmth against her frozen earlobe. She gasped with sudden shock at the gesture, her smile lifting to show a flash of pearly white teeth each tapering to a sharp point. The four main canines were slightly elongated and more sharply defined than the others.

"Karasu…" Kitsune said gently, letting the name roll off her tongue gently as she gazed up at him. He smiled down at her, his own incisors showing, each larger and sharper than hers respectively. A simple brush of his lips against hers created a golden silence for a moment to huddle closer to him in the embrace.

"Karasu-sama!" Came the howling call that rang out across the darkness of the night. Karasu gently pushed away from their embrace with a small difficulty of letting her go.

She sighed gently as she pulled away from his powerful form and pulled a small blade of grass from her braid. She rolled slightly away and began to pull thick, pitch leather boots closer. He was mimicking her in lacing up his own boots with a slow deliberance; still wishing the moment had lasted longer. A second, smaller male ran up to them with non-human speed. The call of Karasu's name must have gone a long way ahead of the young male. He appeared to be maybe fifteen years of age in his appearance and build. With Karasu standing his full 6 ft, the male looked more like a child than before.

His eyes were wide amber pools dappled and sparing with fear. Words poured from the boy's mouth as though a great dam had burst forth.

"Karasu-sama…I was sent…tell you…enemies…northern border…" The boy gagged for air as he spoke, eventually doubling with pain in his chest. He gripped his stomach, crushing the black sweater he wore in his clenched fist.

"Slow down, Teiru. Breathe before you speak." Karasu said gently, touching the boy's shoulder lightly as Kitsune stepped closer.

Teiru breathed deeply of the crisp night air before speaking slower. "Urufu-sama sent me to report to you that enemies have broken through our northern border. Others have already been sent to—Karasu-sama!" Teiru shouted to Karasu as they rushed past him. Karasu and Kitsune became blurs from the speed they ran towards the direction the boy had come from.

Their breathing was mist against the winds that lashed by as they ran, reflecting the cold burning in their lungs. Kitsune started to lag slightly behind Karasu, her breath rushing out of her as she frantically gulped it back down, swallowing shards of broken glass.

The more the gap between start and finish closed, the louder the noise of fighting became. Howls, roars, growls, snarls, wordless cracks and moans of the give and take of fighting all mingled into one as her emerald eyes swallowed the scene that played before them. Crimson eyes filled with rage, blood spilling from open wounds, flares of wild colors as wolves and 'humans' alike fought each other in groups, allies locked in battle beside friends, or alone. Her gleaming eyes searched frantically through the pandemonium. Karasu's wide electric eyes flared with a bloodbath of rage, but he resisted joining the melee as he, too, searched.

"Urufu!" Karasu bellowed, drawing attention to himself as he spotted the grey wolf, his old muzzle covered in gore as he ripped the throat of another wolf out. The old veteran still had a fire in his belly from war's past.

Karasu's body instantly leaped into the mix, Kitsune on his heels. Jumping up, they were humans near 20 years, but hitting the ground were two solid ebony wolves in their youngest prime of age.

First noticed was Karasu was thickly covered in bulk and muscle, easily towering over all but a handful of the wolves gathered. Second, the eyes would locate the female snarling angrily by his side, though smaller, she had a bite worse than her alpha with a viper's deadly grace. Any enemy who stood before them fell to a bone crushing pounding from just one of Karasu's massive paws or a swift snap of the neck and wind pipe from Kitsune's blood-spattered incisors.

"Urufu!" Karasu howled again, crushing in the skull of a deep russet brown wolf as he sped towards the elder wolf. The grizzled male turned to his name as Karasu slid to a halt next to him, Kitsune set against his back. "What the hell is going on?"

"Our scouts reported it, Karasu! There's a traitor among 'em! Were lucky to 'ave caught the bastards here! Teiru cornered the damn traitor before this started! It was-" Urufu cut off as his words tore into a shattering howl tearing out his jaw. Karasu saw the fangs of another wolf in his back.

Karasu bellowed and tackled the chocolate brown wolf, fear in the enemy's amber eyes as he saw Karasu coming. He was too late in letting go and met a suffocating crack of his windpipe when Karasu's jaw clamped shut over his neck. Karasu ripped free, the toxic taste of copper blood on his tongue.

His eyes flashed through the swarm of fur and snapping jaws for a glimpse of his beloved's ebony coat or Urufu's rustic grey, but both had been swallowed into the fray. Howling with frustration and rage, he withdrew his muscled flanks and leapt again into the battle.