starlight failing on an tin roof
that covers the empty shed
echo echo on the metal metal

the darkness never felt so lonely
as when it heard the tinkle of dead starlight

I wrap my arms around the dark
and pray

you should pray as well
lift up your voice
the way you used to

sing that lullabye you sang to me
we'll send the darkness back to sleep
sing that lullabye of dreams in white
the snow will hold the darkness tight
sing that lullabye of hope not gone
the darkness will learn to sleep forever on

you should pray as well
help the man who slipped and fell
you should lift up your voice
to sing the words that mean "rejoice!"
you should smile every day
because you were made to find a way

starlight failing on a tin roof
a person stands in the shed
and catches the echo echo on the metal metal

and the darkness is not so lonely
when there is a light to give it life