"your dancing means much more to me
than any dream of mine."

I used to love to hear this symbolism
for how much my mother cared for me
before I'd go to bed
although I knew that it was only a dream
her voice was so soothing
and the melody lulled me to sleep-
((the very purpose of such a song))
but it's weird how when she left
and the notes no longer hung in the air
that the room would feel like I looked at it from binoculars
as if it was far away
and my dreams were of being born
from a different planet
like I didn't belong where I was in my bed
or almost like I wasn't truly there at all.
its amazing how such words
and sweet sounds don't do anything
when they are unreal.
your voice may be beautiful
you words may be eloquent
but it's amazing how a heart knows the truth of what they are
and how the alcohol bottle crashing in the bathroom
breaks the power of the song altogether
let me just tell you how useless words are when they are unreal
c. o. m. p. l. e. t. e. l. y.
so sing for whatever occasion
and let your voice reach just below glass-breaking
but when the lights are turned out
don't be surprised when everything around you

remember, mom, that your singing shattered
the glass bottle that poisoned you
and the serenity that once hung in that room.