Chapter 1 : 10th of September

Well, I, Regina was known as an outcast. There wasn't any specific reason behind this and I'm not going to disclose them anyway.

I spent majority of my time in front of my gaming consoles. Stubborn people couldn't overlook the fact which I play game – I'm a girl anyway.

I took a brief look at my watch; it was ten in the morning.

10 September 2007, yeah. I mumbled to myself, with much passion. This was the date which I had been waiting so long.

I quicken my pace through the long and never-ending sidewalk, eventually reaching the game shop with the name of Scary Store 4. So much for a fan of Scary Movies.

He looked at me, that guy. Robin, my childhood friend, doesn't match the personality and outlook of Batman's partner at all. But anyway, he was one of the employees of the shop and he's a half of a funny guy. Well you noticed I had mentioned half, didn't I? That was due to majority of his jokes were lame, too lame to be exact..

"Mrs. Robin." I said sarcastically, and he gave me a fake smile.

"How sweet of you addressing me so femininely while it is still so early in the morning." He retorted dryly, while he re-attended his work.

I left my arms on top of the glass racks, where gaming devices plus other accessories were being displayed. I inched myself nearer to him, filling the gap between us.

"I guess you're searching for it, aren't you?" I gave him a pair of puppy eyes; my heart raced with anticipation.

"Yeah, I think so." I drew a few steps back, trying to act cool after I caught a glimpse of his forever-annoying smirk.

Robin couldn't contain his smile anymore and burst into laughter eventually. "That's just too bad. I'm not selling games to any indecisive teenager. They're just a pain-in-the-ass." He stuck his tongue out at me, to the mighty Regina without a sense of fear.

This was when I felt I was defeated by his words.

"Well, I'm sorry about that." I said with a finger pressing against my lips, with a cute, innocent look of course. "Is it here?"

That guy just turned around and searched for the desk which was labeled 'New Games' without saying a word. My 'psychic' sense told me it was definitely there, at least until he turned to me with a heart-breaking look.

"Nope." He said while a smile spreading across his face.

My face went sour as soon as I absorbed his comment. Robin took notice of the sad look on my face, and then he surged nearer to me..

"But don't worry, dear." One of his fingers landed upon my cheek, seemingly trying to tease me rather than comfort me.

"Here it is." Finally, that naughty, nasty, basket (lol) Robin revealed his other hand which he hid behind him all the time.

".hack//G.U. Volume 3 - Redemption." That was the game which I was waiting for so long. I couldn't help but to bring myself hugging him so hard. I knew I almost had him suffocated.

"Thanks." I gave him my words before pulling us apart; Robin was smiling at me while his face was blushing so hard.

"Here you are." He handed the case to me, while I grabbed with pleasure..

"How much for it?" That guy shot me another of his signature smile of his before speaking. "Well I guess since you're my childhood friend, the pricing should be doubled..."

He had no chance to finish off his sentence, as I, Regina sent my free hand hammering his head. In a rapid succession, of course. "Thanks for the double-charging, Batman's partner."

"Ouch!" He winced while retreating. "That hurts."

He gave me a wink a second later. "Just kidding. It'd be free for you."

My eyes were widened; I could hardly believe in his words. Perhaps it's one of his sadistic jokes? Before I spoke, I raised an eye brow. "Are you sure?" He cleared his throat and gave me an assuring nod.

We glared at each other for a few second, but that was only until someone came into the shop again.

"Hi, there." A guy said warmly to me, but my introvert nature made me gave him none other than a simple nod.

However, I couldn't draw my eyes away from him; his features had captivated my soul. He's handsome and I guess he was a year younger than I am, around sixteen. His hair was blonde and silky, matching his beautiful deep blue eyes.

His face was filled with a broad smile before he turned to Robin. "Is the game here yet?" My childhood friend nodded once before turning to the desk, delving the game out with its container and handed it over to the guy.

Surprisingly enough I found him seeking the same game I was

The blonde-haired guy handed the exact amount of the video game's price to Robin, which he happily took them from his palm with a perverted, gay smile.

"Thank you, Xalvamari. It's my pleasure to have business with you." Xalvamari's face blanched and he shot a sharp glare to Robin.

He drew his lips nearer to Batman's partner (yeah, that forever stupid Robin), he gave him a warning, threatening tone. "Don't call me by that name, at all cost."

Though I was slightly annoyed by his attitude (how dare he treats Robin in such a rude manner), but what bothered my mind wasn't his mannerism; it was his name - Xalvamari. The name was everything to me.

I froze there while I heard Robin stuttered. "Yes... Leon." The cold look was replaced with a dry smile, and Leon left the store after saying a single 'bye'.

Xalvamari! I shouted out frantically though mentally, and I could move again. I hurried to the exit, but he wasn't there already.

A long sigh escaped my lips before I limped back into the store. Robin was staring at me as if I was some idiot passing by. I rewarded him with a slap on his face, earning a big 'ouch' from him.

"What's that for? He rubbed his hands against his cheek. "You're being too violent, Regina."

My gaze fell upon him, almost threatening. "Why didn't you tell me that you knew Xalvamari in person?"

Finally, he crossed his arms in front of his chest. "You didn't ask." I sent one of my fists hammering his head again, and he was somewhat...devastated.

Robin retreated and waved his hands in defeat. I stopped, and he was smart enough to give me some quick answers. "He didn't want the others to know him in real-life."

I eyed at him with a glare, squeaked. "If that's the case, how did you figure that's him?" I am certainly, definitely, desperately want to know everything about that guy.

Robin was behaving suspiciously; he approached my face with his hand covering the opening between us. "We met through yaoi website." He hissed softly.

My mind went blank. I was shaking in both fear and confused. He' I shook my head; not only Xalvamari might be gay, but Robin's too? What the heck is going on here?

Before I could even realize, Robin was laughing hysterically. I guess he laughed too hard when I found his body went into throe. He deserves that anyway.

However, once again, I felt defeated. I had actually fell victim for Robin's lame jokes for a thousand and the first time.

"1001st times. You're just so nice to tease with, Regina." He was clutching his stomach so hard. I pray that he would have died from his own laughing. Curse him!

A/N : This isn't a fan-fiction, but it just simply borrow some terms we usually used in both online and gaming. If you're reading this, I guess it'd not hurt to spend some of your times on the second chapter.