Chapter 2 : 11th of September

Xalvamari. Xalvamari. I mumbled to myself, full with hopes. Well, you might be asking me, why don't I find that guy with his name Leon? I guess it'd be a-whole-lot easier if I'm finding any information regarding to the hot, cool and ass-kicking Leon Scott Kennedy from Resident Evil 2 & 4 series.

I spent several hours using the Rahoo and Toggle search engines, (yeah, Yahoo and Google were certainly unreliable!) but they gave no results. Just as the smart-Regina deduced, Leon's good at wiping his tracks all over the net, I mean he's just too good! Can you imagine, how it can possibly be that I typed such a broad word ' Leon' on the search bar, and all that came up was a big FAT "I'm sorry, this webpage cannot be displayed at the moment."

So I guess I should've stick with his pen name - Xalvamari. Yeah, I'm sorry since I haven't introduced him officially yet. Everyone throughout the internet knew him as 'The-Hand-of-Games'. It doesn't literally mean his hands are full with games, but it was a title he earned for being a genius in gaming.

Nonetheless after an extensive amount of time spent on searching, I gave up. My main focus was still on the game, .hack//G.U. Volume 3 - Redemption.

I played it for another hour, until I started to face some difficulties. I was totally pissed off by the fact that they had this really weird mob in the game which was totally undefeatable. I tried countless times but it ended up all the same. Some shit it was…I was so frustrated; I totally blew that piece of junk off and strayed back to my computer.

My attention was then caught abruptly to the forum where Xalvamari usually turned into. There was a new message blinking off one of the hot topic, and I checked the time of the post before looking at my watch.

17:45. It was just a five minutes before the current time. I guessed that he might still be around his computer, so I sent him a P.M. – message.


Note : Italics is Reginas, and Xalvamari's in bold fonts.

Hey, can I get to know you better?



Cause I'm just a nobody.

And who's a somebody?

You are.

What about everybody?

Well that's just getting lamer. I'm not going to reply your message if this continues.

Okay. I'm going to be really-really frank with my thoughts.


But being frank isn't my style. I'm an introverted girl, ya know?

I like you.

I've said all that I am going to tell you

Give me some replies.




Those are not the answers which I want from you. Okay?


You're half of funny guy.

And you're half of funny girl.


We both laughed. And that was how our first conversation went.

And my 17th birthday was a memorable day to me.

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