Note: Once again I'm editing this story. Most of it is staying the same, there have been name changes and other plot changes. Adriana is now Nadia, Rose Dorian is now Sandra Dorian, the High Witch has a name, and more description has been put in where wasn't. I've gotten rid of chapter titles and edited out so much that wasn't needed. Other name changes have been made as well but they aren't as notable as the ones mentioned. Hopefully this is more the story I envisioned when I first set out to edit it.

Chapter 1

The High Witch stared without blinking at the corpses sprawled on the ground around the small five year old girl. The girl should have been crying, she should have been devastated, she should have felt the loss of her dead family but she didn't. Instead there was a rush of anger and gratitude coming from her mind. The girl was grateful that it had been the High Witch that found her and angry because if the High Witch hadn't pushed her away then this... this would have never happened. The High Witch deciphered the emotions quickly, as she stood in the doorway of the small cottage. That mean that she knew. Still, she had to be sure. Even after living for almost an eternity, Elizabeth knew she could never be certain of everything.

She stepped over the bodies, eyes keeping steady contact with the girl's. She could smell the blood all around her, copper and metallic but that didn't bothered her. What bothered her were the girl's eyes. They were completely silver, her pupils glossed over by the color. Elizabeth stopped before the child.

"Why did you kill them Nadia?" Elizabeth asked. Why did you kill the family that loved you?

She spoke aloud and to the girl's mind. Even if there was someone overhearing they wouldn't understand but she wasn't going to risk the life of this girl after spending so much time protecting her.

"I needed to," Nadia said. They weren't my family, mother.

"Why?" Elizabeth sighed. That may be so but they weren't meant to die this soon and you know that, child.

"To prove something," Nadia replied. It's better this way. They were annoying.

"Which is?" No, that's not it. Tell me the truth.

"That I don't care." Nadia held her head up and stared up at her mother. "I don't care for others and never will." You weren't paying attention to me and I was bored.

"Oh?" Elizabeth fought to control her fury. And was this the proper way to act?

"Yes." Nadia nodded. I have your attention now don't I?

"Well then. You'll be forced to understand then. I won't have you killing unnecessarily. That is not what your powers are for." You've left me no choice.

The High Witch stepped closer and held the girl's face between her hands. Her eyes slipped to the same silver color as her daughter's.

"And what are they for mother?" Nadia blinked up at her, the silver color draining from her eyes. Her dark pupils were now surrounded by blue irises. You should have expected this. My power of Sight hasn't surpassed yours yet.

"To protect the ones you love," Elizabeth murmured as she moved her other hand to the girl's chest. Her eyes began to glow, silver turning to white.

"Stop!" Nadia screamed. Mother, it hurts!

Elizabeth felt the girl counter the spell, but her magic was weak. The girl's body faded away into gold dust, swirling in her hands. There was a small flicker of light and then the girl was gone. All that remained was a pendant on the ground in the place where she stood. The witch bent down to pick it up.

It was gold and shaped in the form of an owl with eyes made of silver jewels. Elizabeth pressed a light kiss to it, hoping her daughter would feel it. Her daughter's thoughts immediately filtered through:

Why did you shun me?

"I'm sorry," she said. "I only wanted to protect you."

You didn't do so very well.

Elizabeth laughed before she said, "I know." She looked around her and her eyes flashed silver again. The blood corpses were disappeared. As she swept out of the cottage, it too faded out of sight.

Were they even real?


Elizabeth began to walk down the path, heading toward the woods.

Where are we going?

To the shop.


To find her.

Find who?

You'll see.