The Secret Necklace

Chapter 13:

Forever Possession

Madison walked purposefully towards the last door down the hall. The dust that had been all around the floors of the small house and in the hall leading up to the door were footsteps. She felt the dagger in her pocket and a heaviness in her heart with each step she took. The boys followed her, exchanging looks along the way. She ignored them, much too lost in her own anxious thoughts.

She pushed open the oak doors and found herself facing an old room made of stone walls. At one end a mirror and at the other a velvet red armchair, where Anna sat primly looking at them with a smile.

(Matt, Damien and... Madison...

Those are their names?


"Hello Matt, Damien, Madison- I've been waiting."

"Anna!" Matt cried out in relief. "You're all right!"

"Of course," Anna giggled. "What did you think happened?"

"Nothing," Damien smiled. "It's just Madison here-"

"Where's Annabelle?" Madison cut in sharply.

The two boys stared at her. They looked back at Annabelle who stared at her just as confused.

(She doesn't believe you...

It appears she doesn't.)

"Madison..." Damien looked at Madison, touching her arm. "She's right there."

"That's not Annabelle," She stepped forward. "I'll ask again- where's Annabelle?"

Anna stared. She looked from one boy to the other then back at Madison. She shrugged and stood. Her lips curved into an uncharacteristic smirk.

"Very perceptive Madison," she nodded. "I wondered if you'd notice…"

Madison took another step forward, glaring, "bring me Anna back."

(Anna recoiled away from the voice.

Why does it hurt?

Adriana brought a hand up to the other's ears. She felt anger build up.

Shh. Don't listen.

You said I wouldn't get hurt.

I know.)

"I'm afraid that's impossible," Anna replied. "You're right though. I'm not Annabelle, I'm Adriana Dawnson… daughter of the High Witch herself- sealed away in the Se Cre necklace. You cannot bring her back because now I've taken over her…"

"Then I have no choice…" Madison whispered sadly as she stood before Adriana. "I want her to be free of you…"

Madison slowly eased the dagger out of her pocket. Adriana showed no emotion as she watched the knife appear before her.

"If you're thinking of getting rid of me," Adriana whispered. "You'll have to kill her."

Madison raised the jagged edge and moved to the girl, "I... I know."

Adriana didn't cry out as the dagger pierced Anna's body. Madison held it there, watching as blood began to paint the pale dress. Adriana reached up and smiling, she pushed Madison's trembling fingers away and pressed the dagger deeper. Madison collapsed to the floor and watched as blood began to ooze in earnest.

"You've made a mistake Madison," She shook her head, "you've pulled Annabelle and I closer than ever before. I thank you. For now you can have her body but her spirit and soul will be mine forever… You've made sure of that."

Adriana closed Anna's brown eyes, murmuring low under her breath, "Chamber lost, Chamber found- ties that forever bound, you and me- ties that shall always be. Bearer of magic from Se Cre, born from the Underworld, and worthy of these words. I own your death, I grant your life- rise now and take this light!"

(Adriana, what are those words?

A spell I learned from mother. I'm sorry if this-

Ah! It hurts! It hurts!

It'll be over soon.)

Slowly a glow began to emit from the necklace still around Anna's neck and a silvery light erupted from it in the shape of a human. The form moved away and floated lower to the floor. It leaned down and pulled the dagger out of Anna's body, taking all traces of blood away, leaving the dress clean.

Madison watched this allowing the tears to fall freely. She watched as Anna's form grew limp and fell to the floor. The glow from the necklace vanished but the silvery form did not. It was in the shape of a tall girl. She floated for a while as the light faded and her figure became solid. She wasn't floating anymore but standing firmly on the floor, wearing an exact replica of Anna's dress but in black. She had long dark hair and silver eyes.

"Don't worry Madison," she smirked. "She'll live…but," she bent down to kneel at Anna's side, "dear Annabelle will never be yours..." She caressed her cheek slightly. "I'll watch be watching."

Adriana stood and with one last glance at Anna, she closed her eyes as a swirl of black dust gathered about her. The cloud enveloped her closer obscuring her from view until she was gone from sight , disappearing with the wind.

Madison stared at where she had stood but quickly turned away as she heard Anna stirring. She moved closer and watched as Anna moaned slightly, blinking away her sleep.

"Madison…" Anna blinked sleepily. "What're you doing here?"

"Oh Anna…!" Madison sobbed and reached out to hold her. "You're safe! You're all right! You're here! Don't worry, that girl is gone and she-!"

"No she isn't…" Anna murmured softly moving away to push herself up on unsteady legs.

"What?" Madison wiped her face and stood as well. "What do you mean?"

"Adriana isn't gone…" Anna whispered, moving to sit down on the armchair. "She's still here…"

"Where?" Madison scanned the room. "Where is-?"

"In me…" Anna smiled, holding the necklace close to her. "She's here, watching…"

Anna removed her hand from the necklace and Madison could see the heart shaped pendant fully now- the eye of stone was moving from side to side like... a real eye.

Madison gasped in horror as she realized the silver eye had turned to look coldly up at her. She felt a chill come over her. The eye turned away and resumed its regular shape of stones.

Anna smiled, "Adriana's with me… She won't ever leave."