even burning flames of passion
melt into puddles of wax
as their candles lose life from senescence

even sweet things like chocolate
melt into puddles
((just like my eyes))

even ice can melt;
harden hearts can change
((into pristine pools,
fragile like glass))

even the strong will condense
and the weak will have to pick them up
((it's just the way life is))

the proud will fall
what's thought to be strong will fade
but at the same time,
they will be fortified again

chocolate can harden back to the way it was
and so can melted wax
it just takes on a different shape
then it was originally made to be

it's through the times that people melt
the times that things condense
that turn back into something
completely new and wonderful.

shapes of stars
and shapes of beauty are created
from melted things.

it's a matter of what the object decides to do,
evaporate or solidify.

which one does your life represent?