A/N Some years ago feeling troubled this poem came to me, it just flowed from my thoughts through the pen and into my diary. Recently I came upon this poem browsing through my diary in once again very troubled times. It made me realize things were not as bad as they seemed and it indeed would be alright again. Hopefully this poem can reach out to other people and give some hope in dark times.


It will be alright

On a day like today,
When all seems to fall apart,
When everything seems wrong and nothing and no one can do right,
Try to remember who you are,
Deep within yourself, your heart, your soul, your core.
Led by your heart, by your emotions,
Yet maintaining sanity and reason,
With strength unknown to you, lead on,
Guide others and guide yourself,
Back to a path of light.
Fate will put it back together,
Mend what was broken,
Make everything alright again.
It will never be the same as it was before,
But it will be alright...
Some day.

Shirley Jane 12-03-2005