A/N A friend dear to my heart creating light and hope when my world was troubled and my heart broken. With his love reforging my heart, for which I will be thankful till the end of time. Now more as a friend, I love him dearly still today. This is what I wrote for him.

Belonging to You

During the day, sun shining bright,
My thoughts belong to you,
From early morn, till late at night,
Hoping you're thinking of me too.

During the night, while fast asleep,
My dreams belong to you,
Finally in your arms, forever and always yours to keep,
Even though this is all so new.

During each passing hour, for now and many more to pass us by,
My heart belongs to you,
Loving and caring, true and will never lie,
What we have darling, is only to be found by few.

Whether day or night,
Whether now or many hours away,
Let me belong to you, let me be your light,
Because true love will never lead you astray.

Jane 08-09-2007
For Jonteh

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