A/N Something I wrote for the guy I was in love with around half July and August 2007. An internet relationship, never met before, yet being in love. Unfortunatly shortly after this poem things hit the fan and it never came back. All for the best in the end I guess, since everything happens for a reason right? Anyway, the poem I send him:

To my dearest,

Laying here I miss you so,
All the time having you on my mind.
Hoping you really know,
You're someone my lonely heart was trying to find.
I love you,
It's all that matters in this cruel place,
Hoping you feel it too
And knowing feelings like these are worth the chase.
Never give up and never forget,
Even though life is complicated and harsh,
Knowing you is something I'll never regret.
I'll be right here for you,
Waiting for my dream to come true.

Jane 31-07-2007
To Nick