Her eyes were swollen and red, suffering the vengeance of angry tears. Thrown out in the gutter she felt like a dirty whore once more - all her self worth washed away with every trickle of liquid sorrow. Tired of being strong, she lay as lifeless as a corpse amidst the epitomes of degradation. Her heart, a worthless instrument such as herself, torn from her very flesh, lay beside her in the filth that embraced her broken body. Burning, she was consumed by a numbing pain that only heartbreak's uncaring hand was willing to administer. She was bleeding alone in a world that didn't want her, a place where everything she had to give wasn't good enough. Her love was merely a disposable commodity - much sought after - only dulled with possession until she was cast away. She was no longer wanted; no longer needed, thrown out into the night to be collected by dawn's smiling beams with the trash.

The rain beat down hard and unrelenting. Mud crawled over her empty form and burrowed deep into the tangles of her silken mane. Heaven sent relief tried in vain to caress the dirt and grim from her tear-stained cheeks. The material of her clothing, tattered and torn and thoroughly drenched by nature's angry shower, was the only thing that clung to her fragile shell. Cold lay its claim on her forcing its iron will upon her soul until she shivered violently under its merciless demands.

"Let me die here." she whispered to the velvet sky whose jaded gaze barely acknowledged her existence. "Free me from this unbearable pain."

In her mind's eye, beads of crimson and garnet gems adorned each slender wrist; beautiful, liquid bracelets flowing as freely as her love had been given. Never had she imagined such riches nor paid heed to their worth. She imagined the sharp, metallic aid that would release such majesty from within; ornate outlets, beauty to free the ugly pain. She could almost feel the sweet torment lapping at her delicate flesh. She would laugh with joy as the dance slowed her heartbeat to silence. Would he stand over her lifeless body and admire his handiwork after throwing her away?

Yet she was shackled to the unforgiving earth by the chains of all consuming heartache. Her scream drew the last ounce of strength from her core.

She would have died there, bleeding away her existence from inner emotional wounds had not his arms pulled her to his chest. Warm. Solid. Real. She would have floated away into nothingness had the beating of his shattered heart not cried out to hers. "Stay with me." A far off soul murmured as her sailed away into oblivion. She lay without strength as he lifted her from the scum of the earth. Her gaze traveled off to the smiling stars as they cleansed her body from dirt's filthy clutches. Thick strands of red hair teased her cheek, wet and heavy from the rain as he bent forward to kiss her forehead.

"Rob." she whispered.

"It's ok." he murmured against her skin. "I'm here."