Tower – By Amanda Scott

October 17, 2007

It came about quite quickly
in the focus of the night,
the thunderstorm,
teamed with light, wind, and frozen rain,
and in one short instant destroyed
that which took a life to build.

For dreams gave counsel to build
upon rock rather than sand, forgetting that measured or quick,
even the most solid rock is destroyed.
At some time surviving itinerant to the night,
lacking roof to reject the rain,
left as only an infant wailing in the storm.

Cry for injustice and storm
with rage, but compose to build
again. But here troubles rain
like tiny knives cutting to the quick.
In the soul's dark night,
where all faithless optimism is destroyed.

Everything in due time destroyed,
A local Apocalypse wherever a storm
fells a tree, wherever night
descends, or a building
is demolished; whenever the quick
become the lifeless. Every rain

masks vice with pure intentions. Then, a single drop of rain,
its community destroyed,
easily and quickly,
as it is birthed by a cloud in a storm,
is drafted with its brothers to build
a setting for revival by the night.

Lightning slices the sky as thunder punches the night,
shattering a monolith into bits of rain,
shattering the edifice so carefully built.
The winner: the Destroyer,
descending out of the storm,
that arose from nothing, so quickly.

Though the storm casts a shadow and the seed, the bastion built,
will be destroyed, it overnight will quickly
breed a bud, to be nourished by the rain.