A Beautiful Soul

by K's Moonshadow


I see a face

Not this one,

With tired eyes

And caution lines

Waiting for the accident

That never comes

Heart hard before the

Second shoe drops

Fists poised for the world

To collapse at her feet.


No, I see a little face

Young and fresh

With bright large eyes

And a great big smile

Going at the world

Full of promise and hope

Secure in herself

And her abilities

Surrounded by those

Who love her


Then I realize

The two faces are the same

One hiding behind the other

A cracking mask

There is courage there

Brought on by suffering

The pain lingers

Fighting to keep control

The heart has broken

But tape is in her hands


This girl has seen

Too many tragedies

And lived through

Too much strife

It's unfair.

Such a beautiful soul

Has been trampled

By unworthy takers

They had no right

And don't care at all.


Many people

Would fall and

Not get up


But this girl stands


Challenging what she's

Always believed about herself

Refusing to succumb

To everything she's been told


She does not know

The way out

No one is there

To lead her hand

But she trusts in

Her God

Going against

All she's known

To believe in the

Good of all people


What has transpired

To make this girl I see

Exactly who she is today

No one may ever know

There are some horrors

That should never be told

Much less lived

But this girl

In all her glory

Will change the world

A beautiful soul.