The vicious orange flames cackled with glee as more tinder was placed upon the whitening pile. The embers, pulsating as if they were a living heart, flared into life, reaching up with dangerous fingers to grasp and lick the treat with all the enthusiasm of a spoiled child. The wood screeched as the flames ate at its flesh and died with a loud "pop" as chubby fingers split it open and devoured the moist, green heart within.

The log collapsed, falling upon its brethren and sent an explosion of gray ash into the air with the warm, shivering smoke.

Its meal devoured, the fire sat and pouted, smoldering within the core of ashes. A pathetic whine escaped from it as it reached to its mother, Sun, only to recoil in rejection before bursting into a short-lasted temper tantrum, producing a terrible small to spite its parent.

With nothing more to feast upon and renew its energy, its smoldering pulse slowed. The fire moaned, tiny fingers pleading a final time before falling back onto the ash and flickering away. The coal of its heart fluttered desperately for one last moment and died out, sizzling away to join the smoke and floated away on the breeze.


I wrote this a while ago while at my grandparents' house. They were burning all their trash from last year and I got help. It was HUGE! XD Anyway, I thought this up while watching that fire, so… yeah. Pretty random.