"-this enevelope that I just gave to you must not be opened till you get it to the police. You are never to be seen so travel at night and trust no one. No matter the situation." With worry in his knees,the small puny boy ran from the office and into the night.

Running through the trees and hiding beneath the bushes, he remebered the man's words.

"Find a bag that is hidden under borrows of dead leaves under the Willow tree. Like I said before don't climb on the wire go under it,or you will be burnt. Don't get caught or you will be sent back to camp."

Thinking of the man's words,he dug and long and narrow hole under the wire. Trying not as hard to touch it, he heard a nearby shout .

"Look over there I see someone. Look over there."

As quickly as he could he crawled to the other side,but the man grabbed his ankle and try to pull him back.He kicked and crawled and with great force he made it to the other side. He turned around and saw something white on the ground. He patted his pockets quickly and hurried back over towards the wire. He grabbed the enevelope and was gone.

After hours of walking,he finally saw a truck. Being very sneakie,he got in the back of the truck with being nocticed. He moved around the stuff quietly and saw a woman huddled in the corner. With her arm she pulled her legs closer towards her and with her index finger she said," Shhhhhhhhhhh"

He looked around somemore and saw at least two to seven people hiding in the shadows. With in twenty minutes the van was stopped and the cover on top of the van was pulled off and two men came in. With a force so powerful he grabbed the woman and pulled her out of the van.

"What are you doing in here,you scum. Get out NOW!" David quickly and without being seen rolled out the side of the truck and ran into the woods.

Two days later...he found the biggest boat he had ever seen. He walked up to it and snuck on board. He passed the people on the boats and found a dark place to hide in and slept. Moments later he woke up to someone talking to him.

"I have to turn you in. The captain wants all strays off board." He was about to walk away when David shouted" How about this...please don't tell I will let you have this."

The man grabbed it and bit it." It's ok. I won't tell but to not risk anybody seening you. I'm dunk you over board so you can swim to shore ok."

Night came and he jumped over board swimming to shore as fast as he could. When he finally hit shore he walked to the top and watched the sun go up. Looking to the left he saw a small pool and took a bath.

Wanted to see the town and explore the people he walked in and stared at people as they passed by. Without knowing what he was doing was spotted by man.

"Would you like to buy some bread? I have the finest bread in the city"

"Sorry",he waited and looked around"I don't have any money."

"Well how about...tasting it you just to tell your friends...where is your mom and dad by the way?"

He looked around and nocticed a small poster in the corner. He squinted and it read" The circus is coming to town." I'm in the circus."

The man had his eyebrows raised in confusion," The circus isn't coming from two weeks."

"I'm a little early,"he muttered.

"Ok. I'm be right back." Before he left he handed David a small card that held a woman and on the bottom read Elizabeth.

He looked at the card then the bread. He looked up and saw the man talking to two police officers. They quickly looked at him and he was out the other side of the door.

"Go to bed. The more rest you get the best you are at my son."

"Mom,"He looked at her and laughed as she kissed his forehead.,"Ain't I always the best"

"Of course. Always and always." She kissed him on the forehead again and tucked him in the bed.

The heat from the sun beat down on his neck while he walked down a long road. Suddenly he heard a loud bark and ran. A big black dog was chasing after him,he climbed on the top of a fence. A old woman walked up to him and said,"Where have you been? I have been waiting all day for you to come by and make this deliverly to the house up the road." He jumped down and followed her. After she handed him the wine he left up the road.

Hours later he found two people who's car broke down. After awhile of confusion he helped them out and went to town. He came out of a shop carrying lots of bread.

After he ate all the bread he went through some woods and saw smoke. He ran inside the small barn and untied the girl. He helped her outside and fianted.

When he awoke he was welcomed by a slender girl with long black hair.

"Hello." she said."What's your name?"

"I'm...David"He said softly.

Suddenly a beautiful woman with blonde hair walked into the room and sat on the bed beside the girl.

"Did you wake him or he woke up on his own?"

"He woke up on his own"she wined.

"Ok. Well I wanna thank you for saving my daughter. My husband wants to thank you so I thought you might want to wash up and eat breakfast with us."

After two days he was looking around in the library with their youngest daughter. When both the parents came in the room and hushed her out.

"We wanted to ask you some questions,David. Where are you from? Where are your parents?" They asked him.

"I'm not from around here and they are in the circus."

"Are you lying to us? You don't have to lie." As the dad said that he walked up towards David. Then back up against the wall he put his arms infront of his face." Don't hurt me please."

"We are not going to hurt you...we wanna know where you came from?"

That night he changed into his regular clothes and left "Elizabeth" with the girl. By morning he was up on the road.

Later on he walks into town and noctices he is in the middle of a rally. Both the sides came together throwing punches in the middle of one a man was hit as soon as he turned around he nocticed David just standing there,with a hard force he grabbed David and pulled him in the back of a van. While he waited there he opened up the letter and sat there in shock. He ran his fingers through the pictures and papers of him. After a couple of atempts he espaced the van and met his friend in the mid afternoon.

"Hello.I didn't think you made it when I threw you over board."

He walked around the truck and got in.

"Where are you going?"

"To Denmark"

"Wow. That's a long way from here"

By five-o'clock he was dropped off on the side of the road and started again. He finally met an old woman who was painting.

With amazment she said,"Can I paint you face?"

"What colors are you going to paint my face with?"

"No. Dear not on your face just a quick painting."

A couple of hours later he was walking into town while the lady dropped something off for a friend. He saw a young woman and was about to say hi when she went inside a car and drove off.

He finally made it to the book store and found that the old woman was waiting on him. He saw the book that he saw the woman carry earlier. He picked it up and looked at it." I seen this before."

"You should. It's very popular. It was written by a woman who had lost her son after worldwar 2."

He curled his finger and she came closer. David told her everything and they power walked off in a hurry. With great help he made it to Denmark and met his mom,when he walked off the plane and walked up to his mom.

"I'm David."

I know sweetheart,I know."She kissed him on his forehead and they walked off in silence.