I'm going to ask you
But not really ask you
I'll write it on the fifth leaf I see
Of the first tree in front of me
(i'm proving my insanity

I just need to ask you
Will you walk some thousand almost miles
Tip-toeing slightly in the dirt
Sewing the dryness into art
(while i wait drenched in rain)

I'm dying to ask you
A question eating at my tongue
Rotting my tonsils and teeth with dissatisfaction
For my words are so diseased
(yet i turn to your own incapability to ease mine)

All I ask is this
Strip me down to below my skin
Slowing feeling inside of me
Where the artist lies down deep
Sleeping in a whispered dream
Waiting for someone to wake her(him?)

And when you've reached it
Touched the muse with your fingertips
Paint sunflowers down her back
And secret things on the inside of her fingers
Cut her hair
Braiding each strand into a copper necklace
So I won't forget

The inside center self of me