I can make a difference by…Reaching out and making a smile.


A tear.

Alone, Here I stand,

Alone in this world.

No one to care about a scrape.

No one to care about a cut.

No one to care.


Fend for myself,

All for themselves;

No one for anyone.

A cruel, emotionless world.

No one to lend a hand,

No on to help.

No consciousness.

No guilt, no care.

No feeling;

A world of thoughtlessness.

A façade is put up,

Never pulled down.

No one to be trusted,

No one to be loved.

No trust, no love.

No care, no sympathy.

A world of payment;

No give, only take.

A man stands up, to fall back down

As another rises to replace him.

A circular, repeating motion.

Never changing.

Never ending.

No one to oppose,

No one to think.

Just robots there,

To repeat the daily motions.

A life without meaning;

Not a life at all.

A helping hand;

A warm, kind hand.

Never seen before;

What is it?

A friend? What is it?

No one may know,

But I want to know.

No one may care, but I care.

No one may live, but I live.

A sprinkle of hope

Seeps through

The dry, cracked grounds

Of a consciousness,

Slowly dampening, slowly healing;

Creating; helping.

Dreams, thoughts, ideas,

All pop in and out of a head,

As though a fresh storm of clouds

Covering a bare blue sky

-A sky that was blank and uncaring.

A change in weather.

A change in habit.

A change in character.

A change.

For better or for worse?

An opinion. An epiphany.

A notion. A thought.

Alone, Here I stand,

Alone in this world.

There! A person.

But no one to care.

I move towards them,

And reach out a hand

A smile.

By LuthienFlicker (NO STEALING! )

October 23, 2007