It takes only a moment for someone to care. Or for someone to love. The tall dry grass made it easy for them to appear a light red hue. It was easy to be lost in thought here, easy to let the blowing wind tell or hide from you the upcoming danger that lay ahead.

The ribbon on Hisoka's sword scabbard was his little brother's. His dejected face fell against the fading light in a detached manner. His eyes beheld sadness, but more importantly, a kind of gentle anger that gave him the stubborn will of a cockroach.

In the ten years since he'd been there, the only thing that hadn't changed was the wild grass growing brightly green and then dying into an amber color that made everything hay. Nature certainly had its ways of covering and hiding what had been destroyed.

Even fires.

"I know…" Hisoka began, his voice raspy from holding back tears. He raised his head, brown eyes facing forward and started again. "I know I haven't been the best child, mama. I haven't really been taking care of you. It took a while, but I did it. Not with losses though." The sword in his hand drooped towards the ground as the fingers gripping it loosened. Hisoka attempted and failed to smile.

His vision blurred uncomfortably and it took him a moment when his vision cleared that he was crying. Hisoka fell to one knee cutting away the overgrown grass on one particular spot before he had set his sword between his belt and his pants.

"I named him Ken it fits doesn't it? He's so jealous that he can't see his mama today." A fleeting smile passed the swordsman's face and then was gone and replaced with a scowl. The next he spoke was soft, like a whisper to the wind.

"The traitor's head rests on a pike overlooking the village, mama." Hisoka stood, "I have to go now. There's something I have to do. I'll come back. You know I always do." Red painted the sky more clearly now as the sun fell against the horizon. The stars above twinkled lightly as the sky grew darker.

Turning away slowly, Hisoka never looked back.


-Dusk/setting sun The fall of a hero, death, evil, end, pessimism and west
-Hisoka is Japanese for "Secret" pronounced HE-sou-ka
-Ken is also a Japanese name meaning 'Born of Fire' which is to say that the day of the fire, Ken was born and he and Hisoka's mom died while giving birth.
-Red represents blood, sacrifice, disorder, and danger
-Green represents hope

http://egosun. is the artwork i used to write this piece. Check it out, it's nice.
-Yellow represents warmth, but it's short