The name's Jayden Klinder. Yes, I'm back. I'm an average guy so don't be quick to judge me. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Seriously nothing.

Don't pry. Anyway, I'm short for my age of nine-teen, but what the fuck can I do about that. Haven't grown an inch since I was like ten years old. I used to have short hair, I keep it long now and always dye it platinum blond. My eyes are a blue green; they're the same color as my dad's.

I bet you think I look pretty girly huh? Well, it is your opinion.

Screw your opinion, the only opinion that matters to me is that of my lover.

F.Y.I. he's a guy, so don't freak. For all you homophobes out there I suggest you not read my story, don't need your fucken comments okay. Hope we're clear on that.

Well, I'm not gay, just bi.

Girls catch my attention every now and again; but my standards are quite high.

No dumb dumbs. Don't like stupid bitches. Hate them!

I looooooooove my boyfriend though. Loved him for a long time. He's soooo cute. I'm normally not so goo goo over something like my feelings. His name is Tory. Ah, my Sex God. It's my nick name for him. For…..oh so many reasons. He's got crystal blue eyes, a tan complexion like mine, and jet black hair that goes all the way down to his upper arm.

When I think about him it's like butterflies are fluttering in my stomach. He's that hot. Problem is we have to be together in secret. I'll get to that point later; don't feel up to explaining right now.

Anyways, Tory has always been there for me. I've had a tough life. Born in Los Angeles, California, grew up in a suburban neighborhood. Life was great until my parents split. My dad got custody of my older brother and mom got custody of me. My mother was a depressed individual, who would beat the hell out of me. When she got remarried she stopped; but her husband would beat and molest me. The sick fuck's name was Shane Lewis. This abuse took its toll on me, both physically and mentally.

In most people's eyes I'm considered a sick fuck. I used to think like that so don't be chicken not to say it. I know I'm a sick fuck. Don't care though.

My mother committed suicide five years ago. It still hurts me. Tory keeps me from thinken about that now. I have him and we've been through a lot together.

I started college last fall. Sometimes it can all be pretty overwhelming, considering I moved all the way to New York. Tory lives there, I had refused to be separated from him. My life is pretty much simple now. I go to school, study and when Tory's in town, go to see him. He's in a band, Fuck U. That's the name.

Don't look at me they decided to name it that.

I'm boring ain't I?

I know that's what you're thinking.

Well, on Saturdays, my dad comes to visit me. He hated that I moved away and his visits are a way to check up on me. He visits Tory as well, after all that's his son.

You now know my fucken secret.

Bet you're both proud and sick at having found out.

Tory is my blood brother and my boyfriend.

Quite a jaw dropper, right? Judge me all you fucking want. Don't give a shit. Tory loves me and that's all that matters.

Don't care what anyone thinks. Tory and I shall be together forever. Screw anyone that stands in our way. – Jayden fucking Klinder

P.S. Just like my first story I am gonna mention ring tones and my thoughts.

Haha, its sooo fucking great to be back.

I'm back, get used to it.-Jayden

This is more like a taste of the sequel, the prolouge. I will write more later so don't give up on me please. For all those Jayden fans out there I love you all and please keep reviewing. Love your reviews. I shall update on this once I've written a bit more on my other story, Angel Baby, which is pretty good to me. Well, read anything you like on my profile and review, cause I love opinions. -Whitney(author)

Till then-Whitney