Can't wake up.

Following some fairies

until I came here

to find out who I was

is it a labyrinth?

I feel my body numbs

I slowly fall in shadows

heaviness on my eyes..

I hear you call me

I wanna reply

I feel you wrap me

are you singing a lullaby?

never but never I've heard it before.

Can't wake up..

The fairies pick flowers

the labyrinth is small

I feel my body loses heat

I slowly fall without parachute

don't want to close my eyes

I fall into a deep sleep.

I'm asleep

I'm asleep

I know you lay on my bed

you press my teddy bear against you

your eyes look red as if you had cried

you keep my stuffs into boxes

and you accidentally throw our portrait.

I'm with you

I'm inside of you


Angels tell you I could smile for you in weeks

angels tell you I could walk toward you in years

it depends your decision...

you're so unsure.

I've also felt out of place

in some part of the book

my story wasn't written...

Don't cut the bond that joins us

Am I alive?

am I alive?

Can't wake up

can't wake up

I can't...