Yes, We are American Idiots.


It is a normal day. I arrive home from school at 6:15, as I have just finished cross country practice, and I mechanically bring myself to the computer, hitting the power button.

It is a normal day… As I bring up the home screen at hoping to get a head start on my current event, I happen to glance at the sidebar reading "Top Stories." Hoping to find an interesting article to bring to my political science class on Friday, I scroll my eyes down the page.

Instead of seeing just the usual few articles on changes in science, controversial legislation, and education, I see three articles on… you guessed it, Dumbledore's sexuality. Even better, when I click the tab that reads "Most Emailed," the first article concerns Dumbledore's coming out of the closet. The first freaking article.

Seriously. We have wildfires in California, doing billions of dollars in damage. Half a million people have been evacuated. We have wars going on and people being killed, and our top interests lie in the sexual preferences of a fictional character.

We dissolve into fits of giggles between bathroom stalls about Grey's Anatomy. We point out the hot guys in Desperate Housewives. We chuckle about Larry Craig, but how many of us can name the candidates running for president?

We need not think about starvation. Won't we always be able to reach for the kitchen tap if thirst strikes? Who are we? We are Americans. We are rich; we are spoiled. We clothe our dogs.

So why should we care about the rest of the world? Why should we care about the millions of starving people in Africa? Why should we tear our eyes off the TV screens for ONE FREAKING MINUTE!?

Ask any American.

Better yet, ask yourself.

Do you care?