I am very upset to share that Opposite Ends of the Spectrum has been plagiarized. Again. Danielle under the username madesimple_ has plagiarized my story and posted it, word for word, on the website wattpad. I did not consent to my work being reposted there.

I don't want to take this story down! I really, really do not. It just kills me to see people commenting on the wattpad story, eager for updates, when the story is already finished! It drives me nuts that somebody else gets credit for copy-pasting my story onto a new website, when I spent four years writing this piece of crap. It's MY piece of crap, damn it.

If you ever see this story reproduced elsewhere it is NOT ME writing it. I have only ever posted it here, and should it be plagiarized again, I can promise I will take it down and it will ruin the fun for anyone that might still want to read this.


So that's that.

May as well shamelessly plug my new story for anyone interested, titled: No, no. It's a little bit older than Opposite Ends of the Spectrum, but very much similar in the dramatic-love-hate aspect. I've been in a rare place of writing obsession lately and have written the bulk of the story already, so no fear for infrequent updates.

I just wanted to say a three-year-late thank you to everyone that read and reviewed Opposite Ends of the Spectrum. I'm sad to see it plagiarized but it is also gives me a sense of pride that people actually think it's worth stealing. The first story I posted on fiction press way back in the day has long since been deleted, but it is the feedback and help I received from this community that helped me learn to write better. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

Best wishes for all!