Ever so recently I have been pondering those two questions, why and how this universe was created. Now some people believe in the big bang, but how could something be created to then create something else? God comes into this many times and it also calls for the question how. How can something this thing create something if it was created? I have been thinking and I have heard that there are universes out there that go against our physics. It's so confusing and conviluting that no one can fathem it and how everything became what it is. We will never know. Try to think about it, but leave god out of the question. Try your best to think how this world, this galaxy this universe in which we call home, how it came to being in the first place. You cant because there's just so much to learn and know. What if, just what if we are something so small that we are beyond being microscopic to what ever is looking for us. Now what I mean by that is, we know that our body is made up of cells and nucleus, and all these tiny microscopic parts that make us up of who we are. But what if there is something smaller, something that not even our strongest microscope can see. Now go back to what I was saying before. What if we are just that, something so small that what ever is out there cant even see us, doesn't even know where real. Its all possible, because if you look at a cell or even a bacteria they don't know where looking at them because they are to small to know and see the whole picture.

I recently saw a cloud and not the kind you see in the sky on a overcast day I'm talking about a nebula which looks similar to an embryo. So what if were something so small in this that we cant see the fact that were this little tiny part of something so much larger so much more important then us.

I'm doing more research and I hope to post more on this soon.