I was reading a small part in my Shooting Under Fire, a war/combat photography book. It said something along the lines of how the writer can't stand the fact that people who are born into poor and corrupt areas of the world cry about where they are, and in the long run don't even try to change the future. But he does like those few who try to change their future. They do this by picking up a gun after their wife, children, and just about their entire family has been killed, and they pull the trigger while aiming at the supposed enemy (depending who you are and where you are).
I must say I agree with this man. And all who cry or complain about their life, we all do, shouldn't when they don't have the courage and will to fight for their future and don't try to change the pain for something good in life. We people don't live long we all know that but think, if we have a horrible life or if that's what you think then do something about it and don't just sit and complain about it.