i'm setting myself up for your emerald eyes and a
backwards wedding, renouncing those vows that never
applied, since my heart's the biggest enemy you've ever
tried—don't fight it, you can win in defeat.

i'm preparing myself for your emerald lies, telling me
little black truths only magnified, telling me all the things you
haven't tried—only what I want to hear and you
don't want to admit.

i'm setting myself up for what i know about you—
you're a fighter, but you fight against yourself for what you
don't really want all in the name of what's holy (when you know what's holy is my
hand on your skin and my mouth on your lips…
but all you can think is that this is all a whispered
lie when you've never been closer to the

i'm setting myself up for disaster and
loving every minute of it…i think we call this

A/N: Yep, it's a bit femslashey.
It's weird, beause bits and pieces of this are about two different people, neither of which have actually lied. Hmm. Strange. I'll get back to you when I figure this one out. As always, I'm not much of a poet but comments/criticism are always appreciated. :D