A/N: "Crazy NOS" given a makeover and reposted. Still not exactly where I want it to be, but I'm getting closer. Opinions and criticism are appreciated.

Plastic Sticker Diagnoses

Patient X counts the steps,
(the seconds, the lights)
pacing the length of another waiting room.
Her feet pad the same blue carpet,
Paul Cézanne on the walls,
and even though this office is new,
she swears she's seen that flower before,
its yellow face
(polyester and silk)
stretching up from a man-made stalk.
Perfect flowers require no care,
but plastic leaves don't comfort the broken,
and you aren't fooling this statistic.
No, not again,
Patient X.

Patient X is faceless in their notes,
defined by the nametag stapled to her forehead,
the labels wrapped around her neck.
And Patient X, with her bloodied hands
dipped in pink dishwater
will never gaze upon a real sunflower
because she sees Picasso in Cézanne,
scrubs invisible dirt,
and signs her name in a Crayola scrawl
with dotted t's and two crossed eyes.

Padded walls and cheap imitations
will have to suffice
when there are no daisies
in the barren field of mental illness.
No, not this time, Patient X.