Why is that even though we stand taller then most things in this world, we are still afraid? Even when I walk in the forest still I feel worried about and a presence that for some reason I cant shake off. I know for a fact that nothing follows near and I know of no true threat to me in the forest which is between two large roads. And yet, I still fear something the smallest of things. The tiny insect that flies by, or that blood stained leaf that still hangs on to the tree. Maybe it's the deer leg I found in the tree that bothers me the most. Knowing something had to have placed it there, but what is unknown to me.

Humans, we are one of the most powerful force on this planet if we work together and even when we are alone we have mind that over power so much. But still we fear the smallest things. We are strong but also at the same time very weak and fragile. There isn't much that can stand up to a human and survive. We have made thousands of species vanish in to thin air and every day another goes as well. Soon I believe we will end up killing ourselves over the dumbest thing. Fear and we all have it there is no escape from the terrible fate or scare that hides around that next corner.

I myself say I don't fear much and that is the truth but there are things that frighten me that don't involve some dead body falling from the ceiling or a killer chasing me. It's the fact that I know that any moment I could lose those close and dear to me. I know that anything could happen to my friends and family and I wouldn't be able to do a damn thing about it. To know that once the lights go out in your skull, it's over. Game over as they say, but in this game there is no second or third chance to finish the battle.